Dec 20th 2018

Spotlight on… Ben

Meet Ben: Creative, charity volunteer, graduate

I’m a 23 year old creative in London with a passion for comedy and filmmaking, and love to volunteer with charities in my spare time. I particularly love improv, and spend a lot of my free time doing shows with my improv group. I’ve recently started learning guitar as well.

I’ve been in and out of temp jobs for the past six months before finding a full-time job. I found out about Tempo as I was looking for work, and when I considered temp work as a potential opportunity, Tempo was the most accessible and easiest to work with. I really liked how friendly and kind everyone was when speaking on the phone, and how much they were willing to work to make sure that I knew exactly what the job entailed and what I would be doing, where to go and so on.

I just loved how easy it was to find exactly what you are looking for. It really takes the headache out of constant job applications on multiple different platforms.

I think that work is so incredibly unstable nowadays. Especially as a BA graduate, not knowing what you want to pursue as a career and lacking the hard skills that more specialist work requires, puts you in a precarious position. I think that temping, although unreliable and a bit tricky to come by at times, does provide an opportunity for people in my, not too unique position, to gain skills and experiences from different industries. This way they can ultimately work out what it is they want from a career.