Nov 18th 2020

Spotlight on… Borbala and her experience in sales

When you were asked what you wanted to do when you were older, a salesperson was probably not the first thing that came to mind. And that’s OK. It’s probably not what a lot of people thought they would end up doing.

But if you’re wondering what to do next, whether it’s your first job out of uni or maybe you are looking for a career change – then this might just be the perfect role for you. And having spoken to a few of our sales candidates, we will highlight why over the next three blogs.

Hi Borbala, first off, please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I moved to London over two years ago and while I was hunting around for an office job, I came across Tempo. You guys helped me use my previous sales experience to land a sales role at Ordit. I have been here almost a year now and recently, due to a few team changes, I was able to use what I had learnt so far to slide seamlessly into an operations role – which I really love. 

That’s cool! When you first started your career, were you interested in going into sales? 

To be honest I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I finished university and I sort of fell into the sales industry. It might not have been what I set out to do but it worked nicely for me and I actually pursued a career in sales for around four or five years. 

So what was it then that convinced you to take a role in sales? 

The thrill of it. It is an incredibly fast-paced environment where you are constantly kept on your toes and that really appealed to me. It’s exciting to always have something happening and to be continuously pushed to be the best. I wanted to be the top salesperson of the company.

Sounds like an exciting decision. What have you learnt the most about working in sales?

The hardest part about being a sales representative is when you have to accept rejection and handle it with grace as that is just part of the job. I learnt that taking things well with potential customers left the door to future business open. I would often check in on companies when the timing was better suited to them, and often get a sell out of it. 

Now that you have spent some time in the role, would you recommend sales to others as a good place to start your career?

Yes definitely. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you are a chatty, open-minded person, then sales is a great way to kickstart your career. You gain great skills and experiences as it teaches you how to listen and to ask the right questions. Skills which are transferable across many professions and will make you a personable candidate to hire. I have certainly become a lot more confident thanks to my time spent in a sales role. 

And on that note, do you think that a sales role helps you to transition into other areas down the line? 

The experiences and skills you gain in sales are easily transferable to other career paths. If, for example, you want to move roles within the same company as I did, then the knowledge you obtain from having to know the product or service you are selling inside and out is highly valuable across other areas in the business.

Plus, the best thing about sales is that you learn how to sell anything, including yourself, which is usefully when looking for a new career. When you go in for an interview you essentially become the product you wish to sell and all that experience will have taught you how to totally nail that with confidence.

That really does set you up quite nicely doesn’t it? On a final note, do you have any top tips for people looking to go into Sales?

Do your research! If you get an interview with a company be sure to really look into the company and decide whether it’s a product you believe in, as you need to have a passion for what you are selling.

When interviewing for a sales role, you want to really learn the job description and how you as a person match the criteria they are looking for. It’s important to be yourself and show what it is you can bring to the table, both in your cover letter and interview. After all, working in sales is all about confidence and being personable so you want to make sure you portray this. 

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