Sep 10th 2019

Spotlight on…Deniz

Meet Deniz… Brother, socialite, gamer

I graduated from university a few months ago where I worked as a waiter to earn some extra cash and gain some valuable experience in customer service. This summer I did an internship with the Department of Health so that I could experience office life and a more professional environment.

I found about Tempo through a friend and I signed up to the platform around January time.

I was still at university at this point so did not pay much attention to my profile and the jobs available. But I decided to dive back in a few weeks ago and the Bulb role caught my attention. So I sat down and really fleshed out my profile and using the video I was able to sell myself so that I would stand out against the crowd for the role.

Within a week I had been through the application process and landed myself the Bulb role which I start in a few weeks time. Putting the time into my profile really made a massive difference and I got what I wanted quickly and easily.

I really enjoyed the whole Tempo experience and process. The first few steps with Tempo helped me understand what the role at Bulb would entail, important information about the company and what they do. This, alongside advice on what to say in the interview, really helped get me through each stage of the application and eventually land the job.

The whole application process through Tempo was quicker than any of the others I have done before.

Personally I find flexible working great. The whole “9 to 5” way of working is a bit rigid. Whereas flexible work creates a more personal experience with the job you do… allowing you to also follow your passions on the side and even just everyday necessities.

Fun fact: I have been to the highest point in Belfast.

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