Oct 23rd 2018

Spotlight on… Jemima

Meet Jemima: Actor, sister, dog-lover @jemimawatling

I’m an actor, first and foremost, and anyone who knows what it’s like to work in such an unstable industry knows that it is the absolute holy grail to find work that’s enjoyable, flexible, AND reliable. Ticking all three of those boxes is such a rarity, and I’m so happy I have this with Goodlord through Tempo.

I found Tempo online, after moving back to London from finishing a show up in Manchester, and needed to start generating some income for that London life (!) With Tempo, I noticed how much easier it was to use compared to other sites. Not only was it super straightforward, but as soon as I completed my profile I was put forward for a job! I started at Goodlord within three days of signing up with Tempo. Three days!!

What started out as a 3-week placement at the PropTech’s offices has now turned into 5 months (on and off – with a few gigs in between!) which goes to show how perfect it is for me. As an actor, not only is the work quite up and down, but I often need to go to auditions or meet with my agents or go and get some headshots done. Goodlord allow me to do this without any problems, which is great. Plus, as quite a target-driven and mentally stimulating role, it really is the best of both worlds and in turn encourages me to work so much harder when I’m with them.

I believe our generation is truly embracing this shift in the way we approach the job market now; in that our job titles do not define us, and how actually the work we do fits around our lives – not the other way round.

The whole experience with Tempo was brilliant and couldn’t recommend it enough! In fact, I’ve got my sister to sign up on there too!

Fun fact: I’m a trained opera singer

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