Mar 11th 2019

Spotlight on… Julia

Meet Julia: Wife, Volunteer, Ukulele player

I used to live in America but when I married my husband I came over to England because he was British. It was when I moved over that I realised that I wasn’t deemed qualified by english employers to get a job so seeing as I’d always been interested in it, I decided to do my GDL degree. It’s a lot of hard work and I was in desperate need of some temp work that would be able to fit around all my studies.

I did the natural thing and just took to googling temp work. I sifted through a bunch of different platforms and that’s when Tempo popped up! It drew me in with its fun branding and I loved the way it worked. It was user friendly and you could really personalise your profile. Plus it was a so nice to not have to do a thousand different things to get anywhere.

I managed to find myself some temp work in no time and I have had a constant stream of various jobs ever since. Including the likes of Hourscreen, a film company where I dealt with the data from their films, and an estate agent called Century 21.

What was really nice about it all was everyone was super friendly and I have actually been given a lot of responsibility in my roles. Especially at Century 21 where I started out in admin but by the end of the placement I was helping to sign leases and bring in clients. It’s meant that I have been able to get some great experience alongside my law degree. Most importantly, all the companies have been really understanding of my situation, giving me the flexibility that I need.

For me, personally, I think flexible working is a really natural way to work in large cities. It allows you to do things like travelling, plus, working from home is an amazing freedom as it acknowledges daily needs like having a delivery. Nowadays most things are done digitally anyway so it’s not necessary to be the office constantly.

Fun fact: I grew up in Thailand and lived there for thirteen years.