Jun 29th 2018

Spotlight on… Kelly

Meet Kelly: Comedian, festival-lover, dog-mum @KellyMareeAh

I’ve been living in London for five years now, and in 2017 I started doing comedy on the side of my day job – for a laugh (ba-dum-bum-tss!) But then my laugh was turning into audience laughs, and it just took off from there.

At the height of juggling my job and comedy, I found myself getting up at 7am every day to go to work, leaving to go straight to a gig, then not coming back until 1am, and doing it all over again the next day! (Draining, to say the least.)

It got to a point where it was a “nice problem to have” with the comedy side of things kicking off, but, of course, with any sort of performing arts job, it can be so up and down, so I didn’t want to pack in my full-time job completely.

Then I found Tempo! I just came across it online and remember thinking it seemed really cool, unlike any other sort of job boards or agency sites. I signed up, and within two weeks I started my first part-time temp job.

It’s the perfect solution to fill in the gaps around my comedy gigs, and, with the flexibility, it’s actually afforded me with more opportunities (like being able to fly to Belfast for a charity gig that I would never have been able to do with my last job), while still comfortable in the knowledge that I’m going to be able to pay my rent at the end of the month!

Outside of work (and comedy!) I love music and going to festivals – definitely a die-hard Glasto-goer! In fact, I’m actually organising a festival in Derbyshire for a dear friend of mine who passed away too soon. (It’s called Jesstival and all proceeds go to teenage cancer – check it out here: http://jesstival.uk/)

Random fact: I once danced with Florence Welch at a festival!