Nov 5th 2019


Meet Kerry: Sister, dancer, socialite

I moved to England from Northern Ireland three years ago and started out mainly working in pubs or in retail but I decided I wanted a more office-based role. I have always been a people person and so I felt like customer support was the right path for me to go down. So I went onto google and began searching for office customer support roles… and that’s when I came across Tempo. 

The whole process of getting a job through Tempo couldn’t have been easier. They helped make things as smooth and as quick as possible. Within a week of signing up I landed myself a permanent role at a company called Housekeep and I absolutely love it. I knew the minute I went for a face to face interview that they were perfect for me. They have such a great company culture and give their employees so much freedom as to where they work from as long as you are good at your job. 

I am a big fan of flexible work. For me personally I like having a bit structure to my working hours, but I like knowing that my personal life and my work life can fit nicely around each other. 

Fun fact: I Irish danced on stage next to the Queen for her jubilee.

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