Aug 28th 2018

Spotlight on… Layla

*Meet Layla: Wanderer, fashionista and daughter @laylilentil

I had just relocated from Australia to London and found a job with Tempo so quickly. My passion area is fashion, and so I wanted a reliable temp role that would allow me to also explore other avenues with no stress.

I signed up on Tempo through a recommendation from a friend, and the whole process took less than 5 minutes – it was almost too easy! They just want to know the important stuff without the faff of filling out endless forms and uploading your CV every time.

I had since forgotten about joining Tempo, but, less than a week later, I received an email with an offer and the very next day I was in the office! I found myself working for a great start-up with like-minded people. I wish I had known about it earlier so I could have queued something for as soon as I landed! I have since recommended it to a friend who has also been picked up quickly in another role.

Fun fact: I love travelling and will be going on lots of small trips around Europe with my new flexible working lifestyle!