Dec 5th 2018

Spotlight on…Lydia

 Lydia: Sister, gymnast, socialite

After leaving university I decided to give myself the summer off and so didn’t really start job hunting until around October. I was looking for permanent positions and actually came across Tempo on Facebook. I started applying for jobs and landed myself a great marketing role with a company called Akoni, in literally a few days.

By working for Akoni I gained a lot of insights into marketing alongside a great deal of hands-on experience, even having full rein on some projects. For me, personally, I loved the flexibility that came with it, meaning I had a great deal of control over my work-life balance.

The whole process with Tempo was super easy and really helpful whilst looking for long-term jobs. The platform offers a range of great opportunities. The thing that really stood out for me was the great deal of transparency the platform gives you. You could control how long you work for, your hourly rate and the culture of the company.

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