Jan 31st 2019

Spotlight on… Niti

Meet Niti: Sister, animal-lover, comedian

I have spent the last few years travelling around Europe, the US, Canada and I even lived in Berlin. I got back to London in October and that’s when I started to pursue my passion as an actor and stand-up comedian. But, naturally, the work is not always that reliable, so I needed to find myself some flexible temp work so I could follow my dream.

It was whilst I was looking for some temp work that I came across Tempo through an advert on Facebook. I liked the look of it so I applied and am now working in customer support for a great company, Kroll, who provide risk solutions. The thing I love about it is that my job is really varied and I even get to do some admin work in English and German (my native language). I am gaining some great experience in the business world whilst also being able to pursue my dream career.

The thing that made this whole process so easy was Tempo! The platform is super fast and simple to use. Since joining the platform I have had two long-term temp offers which means I have not at any point been unemployed and they have both fitted perfectly around my acting.

For me personally, flexible working is literally perfect. It lets me live the way I want to, and do the things I love. I wouldn’t be able to pursue my passions and still afford to live in London without it.

Fun fact: I am actually filming a horror movie at the moment.