Jul 30th 2019

Spotlight on… Sali

Meet Sali… Sister, photographer, creative

I was born in Sweden and moved to England for university where I studied architecture. I am now currently following my passion for photography and work as a freelancer. But I was in need of another job to support my freelancing on the side and so last year my friend recommended Tempo. He said how easy it was to set up and how he had landed himself a job in no time, so I was instantly attracted to the platform.

I signed up, went for an interview and had a job within the week at Bathrooms by Design as an Administrative Assistant. The role was perfect for me as I had to accumulate photos which meant I was doing something relevant to photography. It was also very flexible with the hours I worked.

The whole process with Tempo has been fantastic. Whoever I have been in contact with has emailed and called me whenever I needed, meaning there was always someone there to help me out. This has meant that I have been able to move from each temp role easily and quickly. With Tempo I have no concern about having consistent temp work whenever I need.

When it comes to flexible work I am a big big fan. I believe in it so much.. I have done nine-to-five jobs in my past and there are times when you need that extra flexibility to do the things you love in life. Even if you do work full time, it’s nice to have a job where there is flexibility around it. Tempo is perfect for helping you find the role that fits what you are looking for. It has given me the freedom to do temp work from home so that I am able to see clients and pursue my passion in photography.

Fun fact: I have travelled to 27 countries.

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