Mar 5th 2020


Meet Tiah: Photographer, animal lover and Harry Potter enthusiast 

I studied Photography at Plymouth College of Art and moved back to London in January 2019. During university, I worked in various pubs and kitchens. From these experiences, I learned I was strong at leading and organising teams, as well as assisting people. When I graduated, I knew I did not want to be an artist but rather a curator that helps people realise their potential. So I began looking for temp work that would help get my foot in an office-based environment. 

I started to send applications directly to companies but had no luck. That’s when I decided it was time to move my search elsewhere. I searched ‘temp work platforms’ on Google and came across Tempo. I read the positive reviews, candidate success stories and decided to give it a chance. It was so easy to set up my profile. I really liked that I was able to state that I was available for both full and part-time roles.

I came across a start-up called Nextdoor, a really cool social networking service for neighbourhoods, and immediately said to myself “This is it. I need to work for this company”. I loved what they stood for and so I went into the interview with all guns blazing. Within a few days, I got offered an Operations Support temp role. 

“The whole process was smooth and I cannot wrap my head around how quick the turnover was!”

I started working at Nextdoor in May 2019 and by January 2020, I was offered a permanent position as Neighbour Operations Team Lead. I could not be happier with my job! I love how I am able to go around my neighbourhood and engage with locals, creating a sense of community whilst offering them a hub to voice their thoughts.

This role has really helped me develop good relationships with people as well as my communications skills – my conversations are now much more meaningful.

I am a huge advocate for flexible working and I think it’s extremely important in this day and age. Nextdoor allows me to manage my own time which has really built the trust between us. The whole team here really enjoys their work-life balance.

Fun fact: I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I also have Harry Potter tattoos!

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