Mar 26th 2019

Spotlight on… Two of our top grads

Finding a job is never easy, especially if you’re fresh out of university. But don’t worry, we have all been there and in fact, two of our top candidates felt exactly the same way. Lewis and Lydia both left University and weren’t really sure where to start. Whether you decide to go Lewis’ route and dive straight in or take a few months off like Lydia, finding work doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Tempo is here to make the process quick and easy.

Meet Lewis: Sports enthusiast, brother, and social media guru

I studied Geology at the University of Birmingham, and the idea of entering “the real world” and having to find a job after graduating was pretty daunting. I didn’t really know what I wanted so felt quite unsure about where to start!

But then I came across Tempo, which was actually recommended to me through a friend who had used the platform before – and she loves it! (She got a job at an awesome proptech startup through Tempo, so obviously she’s raving about it!)

I created a profile really quickly, uploaded my video, and started getting interviews through within only a couple of weeks. I’m now working at Parkbee, a cool tech startup that provides easy parking solutions to drivers (genius but simple!) I started doing part-time sales but I’ve now been made a full-time Team Leader, which is amazing.

This way of going into companies is definitely the way to go too, as you get to test out the waters first and see what the actual job is like, what the company does, and what the people are like – before going straight in at the deep end!

With Tempo there is total transparency; unlike traditional graduate schemes where, most of the time, you don’t even hear anything back, which can make it all feel like a waste of time.

I would definitely recommend Tempo and suggest you all sign up now 😉

Random fact: I love rugby and was the Social Secretary for my local team!

Lydia: Sister, gymnast, socialite

After leaving university I decided to give myself the summer off and so didn’t really start job hunting until around October. I was looking for permanent positions and actually came across Tempo on Facebook. I started applying for jobs and landed myself a great marketing role with a company called Akoni in literally a few days.

By working for Akoni I gained a lot of insight into marketing alongside a great deal of hands-on experience. I was even given full rein on some projects. For me, personally, I loved the flexibility that came with it, meaning I had a great deal of control over my work-life balance.

The whole process with Tempo was super easy and really helpful whilst looking for long-term jobs. The platform offers a range of great opportunities. The thing that really stood out for me was the great deal of transparency the platform gives you. You could control how long you work for, your hourly rate and the culture of the company.

Sign up to our platform here and kickstart your career today!