Dec 8th 2020

Spotlight on… Yasmine and her experience in sales

Meet Yasmine. Yasmine was looking for a job in the recent pandemic and was finding the struggle disheartening. But she stumbled across Tempo and we were able to help her land an exciting sales role within a week at a company called Zen Educate, a streamlined platform for teachers and teaching assistants to find work in schools.

“I found the whole experience really easy and I am really happy I was able to finally land a job that I enjoy.” 

Hi Yasmine. I’m glad we were able to help you find work. Was going into sales what you were initially looking for? 

Yes, it was. I had done sales and marketing internships in the past and although I didn’t know that much about sales it was something that I was considering quite strongly. I had really enjoyed it in my internship and I was particularly interested in being able to work in a sales role for a startup.

That’s good that you landed the role you wanted. But what was it that convinced you to take this role in particular? 

I like the idea of having a job where it is very target driven and you can measure your success in quantifiable terms. But the main push was the actual company as well as I didn’t just want any old sales role, I wanted to do it for a company that I believed in. And Zen Educate was perfect. The company aligned with my skills and I have always had a passion for working in education tech. They fit the bill perfectly in terms of a goal-driven sales role and what they actually do. You have to believe in the company you are going to sell. 

It sounds like you knew exactly what you wanted. Have there been any big learning curves since working in sales? 

I think the biggest learning curve is you get out how much you put in. I know it’s a general rule in life and might seem obvious, but it’s even more true when it comes to sales. The more calls you make and the more effort you put into improving your messaging, then the more success you will have. Sometimes you might have an unlucky day, but more often than not if you put in the effort it will show and you are going to reap in the rewards. 

Has working virtually made much of a difference to the role compared to being in the office? 

There are obvious differences of course. When we were in the office, you were able to bounce off your team members. But whilst I do miss it, it is possible to still work well at the role and enjoy it virtually. Zen Educate has made the transition to virtual as smooth as possible with regular catch-ups to keep us grounded. It doesn’t actually affect you being able to sell. I mean, in terms of missing out on the inspiration you get from your colleagues in person, you can still get that by constantly communicating over Slack with feedback and ideas. 

Now that you’ve got more of a feel for it, do you see yourself staying in sales for the long-term?

Definitely. I like the idea of developing my skills in sales as I think I have a knack for it. So I want to focus on climbing the career ladder within the education tech industry, making sure that whatever I progress into always has a sales element to it where I can put all the skills I have learnt to good use. 

That’s exciting. Would you recommend it to others as a place to start your career, even if you moved into something else?

Yes, for sure! Though I would say that you need to be a specific type of person to do sales. You need to have grit and be able to not take things personally. It’s very target driven so it requires resilience. But if you enjoy the entrepreneurial hustle then it’s a great role to start in – even if you go into something else as it teaches you a range of soft skills and develops you as a person. For me, personally, it’s enhanced my interpersonal skills and helped me develop the art of negotiation. It teaches you to listen and use creativity to apply a specific pitch to each person you speak to. All of this sets you up in good stead for whatever role you go into next.  

One last thing before you go, what’s been the highlight of your experience in sales so far? 

I would say how much I have developed as a person in my soft skills. The development of me as a person has been invaluable. My confidence has just skyrocketed which has been great for all aspects of my life, both at work and personally. 

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