Jan 5th 2021

Super startups spotlight: Attest

SUPERPOWER: Providing the data to turn guesswork into fact

From modern healthcare to smart FinTech and everything in between, we recently pulled together a list of the London startups raising the tempo in 2021. The Tempo team researched hundreds of companies, each with their own stand-out superpower.

We’re so excited to see Attest win a place in the Top 5 on our Super Startups list and we’re delighted to be chatting with Patrick Hussain, Talent Director, to offer insight into how they make work an adventure. 

Hi Patrick! You’ve recently been settling into Attest. What convinced you to take the role?

To be honest, nothing out there piqued my interest quite like Attest – from the get-go in my interview process, the people I met were lovely, smart, thoughtful, curious, genuinely interested, and open to new ideas.

Every conversation I had was grounded in diversity and inclusion which is something I care about more than anything else and something they take very seriously. In my eyes, it was a done deal by the time they made an offer. I saw it as an opportunity to join a business where people are genuinely considerate and caring, but also who want to be subject matter experts.

That’s great, it sounds like Attest has done an awesome job in making sure their values ring true across the business. How have you gone about defining them?

By the time I joined, our values were already in place, so we’ve been focussing on embedding them in everything we do.

We’ve become really clear on how to look for values when hiring and how we can live by them. For example, ‘Responsible Autonomy’ is a big value for us, and we recently implemented career growth frameworks across the business, empowering employees with the autonomy they need to navigate the support we give. Our company-wide review process then gives grounding on how you turn the framework into action and move in a particular direction.

We want to be a fully remote, people-first organisation where we have a culture of opportunity and mobility, allowing people to work from home, move from country to country, and also move internally. So we launched an international mobility policy that means anyone can work from anywhere, as we want people to be happy and successful. It’s also been great from a diversity and inclusion perspective as it’s unlocked the conversation around supporting candidates no matter their background and situation.

What are you most proud of since working at Attest?

I am most proud of how we have sewn opportunity and mobility into our culture here, making sure there is lots of room for growth and development. Both with our international mobility policy, and our career frameworks, we have turned ‘Responsible Autonomy’ into a programme that enables our employees to take charge of their careers.

Sounds like you’ve got some exciting initiatives. In terms of the pandemic, how have you kept your employees engaged?

There’s been a huge amount of focus on this from our people and central operations teams. Firstly, our value of transparency has been really helpful. We share everything at a weekly all-hands, becoming much more thoughtful and open about stuff that’s happening. We are mindful of how things can change when people are at home all the time.

But for me, the most important focus has been on the mental health of our people. Attest has been really great at taking into account that people’s worries and anxieties can play out at work, and we want to make sure we offer support where we can.

We have also made good decisions to protect people first. The founders have been really considerate in how they’ve grown the organisation, preserving a runway for growth in the long-term which has meant that when the pandemic hit we didn’t need to lose anyone.

It’s been a year of dramatic growth for Attest, how would you say that has affected your culture?

I’d say businesses usually struggle with scaling culture due to a lack of authenticity at leadership level, but Attest is the total opposite. Even though we’ve seen our team more than double this year, our founders have worked really hard to create an environment where people feel safe and included. We’re a people-first organisation and the values we have set, mirror the values of the founders.

Our senior leaders also care really deeply about people, taking time out to listen, and creating opportunities where they can. As we have grown they have thought about moving people around in the organisation to play to their strengths, as opposed to working against them. At Attest, we’re supported and respected which is critical for me.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join Attest?

Whole-heartedly be yourself throughout the process. That way, you’ve done your best whether the role is right or wrong for you. For Attest, in particular, our product and design are unique, so you should spend time understanding our business and what it unlocks for our customers, making sure to get on board with that before you apply.

And finally, what do you value the most from your employees?

If I could choose one word to describe why I love who I work with, it’s thoughtfulness.  People are considerate of each other, and we’re thinking about the business decisions we make and the impact they will have.

It’s been so great to hear about how placing authenticity at the centre of your value set pays off at Attest – a refreshing approach to driving culture. We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for you guys!

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