May 15th 2019

The modern luxury: Flexibility

When you think luxury what automatically comes to mind? Private jets? Mansions on the Riviera? Designer fashion?

The truth is, whilst many of us wouldn’t necessarily turn down these things, the millennial mindset now is very different, and the way we perceive luxury is not as materialistic as some of the generations before us (sorry, mum!)

As a largely “woke” demographic, and the first generation in the tech workforce, we are re-defining what “luxury” means. In a hyper-connected world, abstract elements like freedom and flexibility are actually highly valued now.

This attitude is exemplified the most when it comes to our careers. Back in the day, when it was more commonplace to stay with one company for decades and work your way up the rankings, your money was what you had as your reward – hence the materialism of the hedonistic 80s, for example.

But now it’s about our precious time, and part of this means not wanting to be shackled to a single employer for the rest of our working lives, grinding away those long hours for that pay check every month in order to save up for a dream holiday to get away from it all. Only to return a week or two later and do it all again.

A large contributing factor to this shift in prioritisation is of course the advent of technology. Now that we are always online it’s forcing us to pay more attention to taking back control of our precious “me” time. And for the exact same reason, technology has of course also afforded us to work remotely much more easily than ever before – meaning as long as we’re on the timezone and within reach, how important is it where we are as long as we’re logging on?

The fact that more millennials are choosing to take matters into their own hands by either starting up their own businesses or getting flexible / temporary jobs to fit around their life plans, means that naturally more people will be comfortable with this change in attitude – making it gradually more comfortable for people to gain the confidence to choose the way they want to live.

The freedom to stay at home or – funds permitting – jump on a plane and login from anywhere. The flexibility to plan a year travelling or start your own project or simply take some time out while you earn some cash on the side. These are the things that are making most people happy now, and it’s an exciting place to be.

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