Dec 1st 2020

The new reality: Why video is the future of recruitment

The use of video in recruitment is a hot topic and one that many employers are exploring more and more. Before the recent pandemic, 47% of employers were making use of video interviews. But since we’ve all been thrown into an almost entirely virtual world, the use of video has not only become a necessity but now a way of life. And is most likely here to stay. 

According to a survey done by Linkedin, 70% of talent professionals say virtual recruiting will become the new standard. It is clear therefore that video is not just here to help with the pandemic putting a stop to face-to-face interactions, but that there is actually something a lot more valuable in it. 

From saving time, to creating a digital experience, here’s how video is changing the face of the recruitment industry. 

Video gets more engagement 

When it comes to job descriptions, video performs better than your bog-standard written ones. In fact, job postings with a video element are viewed 12% more than job postings without video. 

Video provides you with a competitive edge against other employers as it humanises your business and provides more than just a job title, helping you to stand out from the crowd. Putting a face to a name can be a powerful thing in the hiring process. It allows you to engage talent in a way that is unique to your business. Candidates get a better understanding of who you are and the culture of your company.

You’ll find the right people 

A happy office is a productive office, and a candidate video is one of the easiest ways for hiring managers when hiring virtually to get a feel for the individual personalities of candidates, who, let’s be honest, all look very similar on paper. 

Instead, you can ask candidates to create a four-minute-long video answering questions such as “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?” and “What is it about our company that makes you want to work here”. These open-ended questions, alongside the body language and personality of a candidate, is the perfect way for employers to find qualified candidates and decide if they are the right fit.

Access to a wider talent pool

When looking to hire talent you want to make sure you have the best possible candidate for the role. Video calls allow you to expand your reach and discover job seekers in new markets, even on a global scale. It opens up the realm of being able to interview candidates remotely from any location with the added bonus of still being able to put a face to a name. 

Video as a time-saving device 

Time is money and here are three ways video makes sure your time is spent efficiently. 

Cut to the chase in effective job descriptions. You can tell people why they should apply for your job in a matter of seconds, hammering home the main responsibilities and your company culture. 

Pre-recorded video applications. By getting candidates to pre-record their video applications you can really lighten the load in the interview process, gauging a candidate’s personality in a matter of minutes, and therefore reducing the time spent on the selection process.

Less travel, more time. Travelling to and from an interview can be time-consuming. By using video it reduces the hassle for both parties, making it less stressful and more comfortable. Ultimately providing a great candidate experience.

It is clear that the use of video will play a part in some stage of most recruitment processes, whether it’s a video job description, application, or interview. Although it’s still fairly new and hiring managers and candidates alike are still getting used to it, one thing is for sure – video is here stay. And you should look to use it to get ahead in your recruitment process.

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