Jul 20th 2020

The power of technology in a crisis 

The current pandemic has affected businesses worldwide – from small startups to big giants. And whilst a lot of businesses have felt the negative effects, an increasing number of innovators have been switching their focus to the crisis at hand, with the UK tech sector rapidly responding to support those struggling with the unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic.

Through the use of technology, Beam connects homeless people to supporters to help them into stable work. In light of recent things, it’s refocused its efforts to help the homeless into key worker roles.

Montana Gerry, Head of PR at Beam, says “This pandemic has forced us to look at in-demand sectors for more guaranteed roles for our members.”

A lot of the work on front-line services rely on face-to-face contact. But by funding for items such as laptops or smartphones their members are able to stay connected. This idea of connectivity is important to the success of Beam. So to maintain a sense of connection between members and their supporters, Beam now relies heavily on video content to keep conversations alive and educate beneficiaries with visual aspects.

Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic, there has been a wave of unemployment with little means to pay rent. Beam has grown its service to help support this larger group affected by the pandemic at risk of homelessness. Opening its network as much as it can to support people into jobs in sectors that need the manpower now more than ever. They can now even self-refer via a newly created online portal instead of having to be referred by a charity or local authority.

This way, through a new approach, technology is used to help those in need not feel invisible. It empowers them to take the first step to better their own lives and seek the help they need.

Alex Stephany, Founder of Beam says “We’re giving people the tech to let them take control of their lives and progress towards true independence.”

The organisation was even selected by NHSX – the innovation arm of the health service – as one of 18 innovative digital solutions to be awarded up to £25,000 to support vulnerable people during the pandemic. In fact, one of its members, Decoda, was homeless and is now working as a support worker thanks to Beam. 

The significance of technology in being able to help social issues such as homelessness has never been more evident than now. As we all fight to deal with the challenges coronavirus throws at us, we must also fight for those less fortunate. Every business is learning to adapt to the new normal and Beam has taken this challenge in their stride – using technology not only to help them adapt as a business but make a difference to lives that need it the most.

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