Jan 8th 2020

Welcome 2020: Time to up the Tempo

2019 had to be our most exciting year yet. The Tempo platform, with our website having gone through a complete revamp, saw extensive growth with the number of candidates and companies reaching an all time high. We’re excited to announce a 92% growth of companies on the platform, totalling more than 2,500, and a whopping 161% candidate growth, totalling more than 65,000. 

Furthermore, we spread our wings and expanded across the UK, landing in Manchester, Cardiff, Milton Keynes and Southampton. 

With these expansions came internal growth. Our team of 16 at the beginning of the year grew to the 34 amazing people we are today, all working hard to put Tempo on the map.

Looking ahead…

This year we are kicking off 2020 in full force with our Series A funding well underway. 

We continue our focus on making the Tempo platform work harder, smarter and better for candidates and companies alike. Our tech and product teams now make up a third of the company (hey – we’re hiring) and they’re releasing new features almost as fast as Megan eats her lunch (and we’ve seen her eat… it’s scarily fast). 

In the last few months of 2019 we planted the seed for our first brand ambassador programme at universities across the UK. We look forward to seeing this expand and take root on many more campuses this year.

Not only do we plan to expand our presence on campuses, but also our presence in even more progressive cities across the UK… We want to truly become UK nationwide.

Our first exciting change is happening imminently. We will be making the big move into a new office so that we have room for new hires, new projects and new memories. 

This is going to be a jam-packed year to say the least. We will start to see ourselves go from the startup we were nearly three years ago to an established business making a real impact on candidates’ and companies’ work adventure. 

So happy new year everyone and watch this space!

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