Feb 18th 2021

Tiney hires top talent at speed with Tempo

As businesses grow, so does their need for top talent to keep up with the pace. But often hiring quickly can lead to the problem of sacrificing quality. Therefore companies should turn to innovative recruitment tools to help improve their internal hiring process. 

Like many other London startups, this is exactly what happened with fast-growing tech company Tiney, who needed high-quality candidates to meet their growing business needs. They decided to go for the cost-effective and low-risk hiring strategy of hiring temp workers that had the chance to go permanent. In fact, hiring temp workers can reduce staff turnover by 87% as they are highly engaged due to a more flexible work-life balance. 

Tiney was faced with the challenge of how to do this at speed, and they turned to Tempo for help. Hit the button below for the full case study.

How Tempo helped Tiney’s hiring needs

The challenge 

Tiney launched in 2018 with a mission to empower micro-entrepreneurs to open their own home nurseries and give children the best start in life. But the recent pandemic brought on a surge in demand for Tiney’s service in a short period of time. 

This meant scaling their team with high calibre talent to keep up with the pace. Beth Toms, Head of People at Tiney, found that they needed talented people that knew what it took to work in tech startups, and needed them quickly. 

“At this point of high growth, we had time restraints to find smart people that understood the startup pace and the workload that came with it.”

The solution 

Tiney turned to Tempo for their hiring needs across payments and onboarding. “Tempo cuts out the typical, long recruitment process, meaning we can skip right to having a quick chat with the candidates to assess whether they have the right energy and excitement for our company,” says Beth. The Tempo platform provides total transparency on the role and speeds up the process by connecting Tiney with a pool of enthusiastic, talented graduates – which is exactly what the company is looking for. 

“The total transparency on salary expectation and the role itself meant we had candidates that knew what it takes to work in startups applying for the role, making the whole process efficient and hassle-free.”

The result 

Tempo was able to help Tiney find the right candidates at speed by offering an end-to-end solution. Since working with Tempo, Tiney has made three great hires, one permanent and two temporary. With the option of hiring temp-to-perm, they were able to make one candidate permanent that was perfect for the role, without having to go through the interview process again.  

This made the hiring process through Tempo cost-effective and low-risk, as they could bring in high-quality candidates on a short-term basis but with the option to make them permanent down the line. Tiney now knows whenever they need someone, Tempo will be there at the drop of a hat to find the perfect candidate in record time. 

“The platform attracts exactly the candidates we are looking for – high calibre and suited to the fast-paced startup life. We have been able to completely own the whole hiring process on the platform, with the right balance between quality and speed.” 

The Tempo platform

Hiring is the most important thing your company does. Tempo is here to make it simple. Get all the information you want from the get-go, and run a smooth, candidate-friendly hiring process including screening, video interviews, and offers. 

Whether you’re rapidly scaling your team with temp staff or looking for the perfect permanent hire, our platform matches you to candidates instantly. Cut out the faff and reduce your recruitment costs by up to 65%.