Oct 25th 2018

Tips on how to juggle more than one job

More people, like Jemima , are taking on more jobs. This is largely driven by millennials with nearly 3 million in the UK juggling two or more jobs. The reasons vary. Some do it for financial reasons, others to gain experience in another industry, some turn passion projects into second jobs or to sustain a work/life balance. Whatever the reason, as the responsibilities build it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But here are some tips that could help you maintain your sanity

1. Plan your week ahead

With more responsibility and more balls with the potential to drop, organization is key. At the beginning of each week, set priorities and objectives for each job. Set yourself deadlines and make sure they are realistic. There are a multitude of programs or apps that can help with this such as iPhone calendars or Asana which can help organize projects and timelines for you. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, but having tasks laid out for you can clarify your priorities and structure your week of work accordingly. It is also an effective way to factor in social commitments that may need you to re-jig your work priorities and bring something forward.

2. Manage expectations

With more than one job, it’s likely you’ll be working with multiple stakeholders each expecting a certain thing at a certain time. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ to everything and work yourself silly trying to achieve this. But this can likely lead to unsatisfactory work, or missing deadlines…And very annoyed line managers. A more effective way to work is to manage expectations. With your other priorities in mind you can say ‘yes’ and provide realistic deadlines. Even if team members would have preferred an earlier delivery of work it means they are prepared from the get-go and can accommodate this deadline amongst their workload. And will not be left disappointed or with a substandard piece of work.

This can also be applied to your social life. It’s tempting to want to see everyone and do everything but cancelling on friends last minute is not a popular move. If you have a busy schedule, warn them beforehand or offer up another date that works better and means you won’t spend all night thinking about all the work you’ve got to do!

3. Work smarter, not harder

This well-worn phrase essentially refers to maximizing your productivity. Your time is precious, especially when you have two or more jobs. When you’re working you need to be able to work efficiently. This could involve planning out the work you do hour by hour, setting personal deadlines. Or looking at what you do and how you could implement a more cost, time or energy – efficient way. There may a program or app that could time consuming, automate mundane tasks. You can also maximize your productivity by adjusting your lifestyle. Exercising before work, going to bed early throughout the week or eating well could all contribute to focus and productivity at work.

This statement also refers to realizing your weaknesses and knowing when to ask for help. With an extended, multi-skilled workforce at our fingertips, some tasks may be better outsourced or delegated, saving you valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

4. Take time off

Make sure you give yourself a break. You work hard, you need to treat yourself some self-care or indulging in what you love whether that be drinks with friends or going to the cinema. And when you’re at the pub or watching a movie do not feel guilty. It’s important to enjoy these moments as much as it is to take them, otherwise you’ll resent the hard word you’re doing and risk burning out, so make sure you take time for yourself. Even block out time in the diary to remind yourself that you need to do you.

5. Keep end goal in sight

There are many reasons why people have more than one job. Some want to earn extra income to achieve a financial goal like a deposit to a house, or even to save for that exciting holiday they’ve always dreamed of. Others may want to learn new skills to progress in their career or make their hobby a lucrative second job. Whatever the reason, working more than one job will become overwhelming at some point.

On top of additional responsibilities, you’ll most likely be juggling social commitments, and keeping up with friends and family as well as making time for yourself. There is no doubt this will all become a lot and cause you to question why your lifestyle choices. But it’s important to take a step back and remember why you’re doing this and what you’re aiming to achieve. Maybe cancel a few social plans or try to push a deadline to allow yourself to take a self-reflective break, regroup and re-motivate yourself.

Hopefully these tips are useful. As juggling multiple jobs become the new norm, workplaces should become more flexible and accommodating of their employees having multiple commitments. Multi-jobbing should become more manageable but until then remember why you’re doing this and that you’re a superstar!

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