Sep 6th 2022

Discover Your Path In The Top 6 In Demand Roles

Startups have an ability to change and adapt fast which has led them to be able to withstand market downturns. A flexible, innovative, and agile culture has been key when facing challenges such as remote work, massive industry and market changes, and a completely new reality. 

The roles at startups aren’t like the traditional types that are sold to you at career fairs or the big talks that universities hold. They open a whole new world of possibilities and look to power skills in their hires rather than how many qualifications you can list off.  

That’s why we decided to do a webinar series where we deep-dived into the top 6 in-demand startup roles by gaining first-hand insight from those that know best at Hofy, Vita Mojo, Yulife, Tempo, Thirdfort, and Teamtailor. We also teach all about our new Tempo Career Path feature which provides you with all the tools you need to power up your potential and land your dream role.

Here we have some key highlights from each. And if you’re looking for something to watch why not sign up and dig into the on-demand recordings below?! 

PLUS, at the bottom of each role type, there is a button that will take you to the full key takeaways for that webinar. 

First-hand insight from those that know best 


We were joined by Alex Robertson, Director of Business Operations, and Elyon Marfo, Order Operations Administrator at Hofy.

“Operations as a role can be many, many things where you can branch out into different titles and functions. There is so much opportunity to expand your career in operations” 

Turn to your past experiences and skills. Elyon highlights how when she saw the opportunity at Hofy she was able to tap into her skillsets from administration to acquire the role. Alex then goes on to say how his biology degree showed him he loved processes and this drove him to the role.

  • It’s all about the end goal. Elyon says that you have to understand what they really need and then work above and beyond what people want to achieve the end goal. Which, it’s this focus on the end vision that will help you to adapt to challenges thrown your way.
  • Be resilient to challenges. Alex describes how things constantly change in Operations and you need to take a step back to find a solution to deal with the problem. This will help you manage any handbrake turns and get everyone on board with the change of direction. 
  • Be prepared to wear many hats. Alex draws attention to the fact that with operations you will be planning and scoping new problems as well as the front-line operations where you carry out tasks. 
  • You will grow into the role. Elyon soon realised after joining that you don’t need to know everything from day one – it’s a role where you can learn on the spot and be trained. Alex says you should approach the role with an open mindset ready to pick up new things constantly. 


We were joined by Tobias Collison, Senior Client Manager, and Melis Varer, Client Success Manager at Vita Mojo.

“In Customer Success, you are the heartbeat, the link between the end user product and the company that’s developing the product.”

  • It’s a great place to start your career. Melis says how being in Customer Success has made her feel really confident and how she can clearly see the progression ladder. Tobias highlights how it helps you understand how a business fits together. 
  • Customer Success is strategy-based. This distinguishes it from Customer Support as it is strategic rather than about dealing with day-to-day issues. Tobias states how you have long-term visions that you help build with the clients. 
  • Learn from demanding clients. It’s important to use these situations as a learning curve to improve for next time. Tobias even says that once the relationship is built, it will become more of a partnership. 
  • Power-up in a range of skills. There is such a breadth of roles as well as clients that you should look to match this by upskilling. They both gave examples of skills such as relationship building, problem-solving, and communication. 
  • Make the most of resources to upskill. Tobias shares of he have done project management and solutions selling courses to upskill down the strategic enterprise route. You can use online tools such as Youtube or even your line manager. 
  • All experience is relatable. Melis says you should try to find experience in anything relatable, such as Sales. Tobias says you can even relate experiences from school or university such as captaining a sports team. 


We were joined by Jordan Gillott, Head of Demand Generation, and Tara Lennard, Content Marketing Specialist at Yulife.

“Marketing is way more involved in business decisions than ever before. Nowadays it’s about tracking clicks, what leads generated and both Marketing and Sales pipelines.”

  • Decide between agency vs in-house. Jordan highlights how, in an agency, you have to facilitate what each client likes and is right for them. Whereas with in-house you’re fixated on one target market. 
  • Consider the different role types. There are so many different paths within the Marketing industry that you can go down. But whatever role you choose, both highlight how rewarding Marketing is to see things from idea to launch. 
  • Learn and use your soft skills. Tara draws attention to how there are a lot of overlaps between teams within marketing. But how important it is to have communication, teamwork, and creativity. 
  • Upskill to stand out from the crowd. You can constantly learn in Marketing with so many different avenues, but also within your role. Jordan highlights how upskilling should be something everyone does wherever they are in their career. 
  • Apply our past experiences. Both of them came from different backgrounds but looked to apply the similarities to marketing. When it comes to the application you should do things that are applicable and show that you are passionate. 


We were joined by David Cuthbertson, Commercial Director, and Bintan Delano, Sales Development Representative at Tempo

“You need to show a genuine passion for the industry you are looking to go into and the company you are applying for.”

  • Align the role with your own personal goals. For Bintan, he aligned Sales with his passion to be competitive. Whereas with David, he likes that he is more in the driving seat dictating the speed and direction of his career path. 
  • Sales isn’t all about talking. Bintan says having the skill to listen and understand what the customer needs to go further than spewing out information. David agrees and says the trick is to tailor your pitch to then meet these needs. 
  • You need to go above and beyond. According to David, there is no real replacement for hard work, even with all the nifty tools at hand. But Bintan says you can always use these tools to build your personal brand to go that extra mile. 
  • Look to upskill in soft skills. Soft skills are more valuable than knowing how to use software systems. Both highlight skills such as resilience, time management, creativity, and communication. 
  • Be passionate about the industry. You have to show a genuine passion for the industry and company you want to work for. David says you should highlight how your experience and skills fit the mold of the company and role at hand. 
  • It is a great place to start your career. David says that if you are competitive, and want to progress quickly then Sales are great. Bintan then goes on to emphasise how there are so many skills you will learn that are transferable to other roles. 


We were joined by Kim Middleton, Head of Support, and Zoey Begley, Customer Support Executive at  Thirdfort

“Customer Support is a great place to start your career as it’s mentally stimulating because there is always new knowledge to discover every day.”

  • Have a passion for helping people. Kim highlights how you need to genuinely want to help people and work with people, otherwise, it’s going to be difficult. Zoey says that if you have this passion then other skills will come naturally with the role. 
  • No two days are the same. Both see the role as unpredictable, where you have to learn to be adaptable as no situation is the same. Zoey emphasises that you have to be able to think outside of the box to get the result that customers need. 
  • You will learn invaluable skills. Kim highlights how there are a great number of skills that you learn that are invaluable for the rest of your life and whatever avenue you decide to explore. This applies to both soft and hard skills. 
  • Have a thirst to learn and develop. Kim says that the team members that have done really well have a thirst for knowledge. You need to have a desire to learn soft skills, technical skills, and the industry you work in.
  • You can stand out without experience. Kim says not to worry if you don’t have any direct experience as you can stand out by explaining when you have demonstrated a particular skill set. You want to story tell a situation and show your personality. 
  • Teamwork can make a dream work. One of the highlights for both is working together as a team. For Zoey, she loves how passionate and driven her team is and Kim, as a leader, is proud of everything they achieve together.
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We were joined by Roukianicia Ardes, Office Manager at Teamtailor.

“People that work in Admin are are the reason that the business runs smoothly and everything works.”

  • Dip your toe to test the water. Rocky says that the most important thing is to look around for any work experience or temporary work so you figure out where you fit best and what path in Admin to go down.  
  • Admin is the backbone of a business. People in Admin work behind the scenes to make sure everyone else’s job is easier so Rocky says never let anyone make you feel like your work is less important than theirs. Shout about what you do.
  • There are endless transferable skills. The skills that you learn are endless. Rocky highlights that skills such as time management, listening, patience, and communication are just some of the transferable skills you will learn. 
  • Make the most of online resources. Rocky highlights that it’s important to invest in yourself and use online resources to learn both technical skills that will be great to put on your CV, as this will help put you one step ahead in your Admin career. 
  • Go above and beyond in your applications. Rocky says how before she got into an Admin role she went to different events to have her CV checked. She also built connections to learn how to stand out from the crowd.  

There you have it, a short but sweet run-through of each in-demand role webinar we held. For those of you that are ready to get learning and power-up your potential, then check out our Tempo Career Path which provides you with all the tools you need to land your dream role.