Apr 11th 2018

Video Killed the Resume Star

Who even uses CVs anymore?

It’s been drilled into us that having a perfect CV is the ticket to achieving your dream job. But what if that isn’t the case?

CVs have certainly always had their flaws; boring, drab, restrictive, text-only documents that are meant to convey how great we are on the other side of the screen. We are told to tailor our CVs to individual job specifications, which is great in theory but, in practice, extremely time-consuming.

How can a double-sided A4 piece of paper written in 12-point Times New Roman font accurately depict your varied skills, personality and passion? Answer: it can’t.

According to BeHiring, the average time that recruiters spend looking at a person’s CV is only 5-7 seconds. Not only that, every job position advertised online receives an average of 250 applications! Standing out from the crowd and making an impact in such a short amount of time can seem impossible.

Thankfully, CVs are on the way out.


People are resorting to new, exciting ways to represent their employment history. Some people avoid the boring 2-page CV by creating an online portfolio instead. They use ready-made platforms to upload information, or even make their own personalised website to showcase their skills. Crazier solutions also exist, as seen in those who have taken to standing at tube exits in the city with a placard summarising their skills and asking for opportunities. (In fact, check out this post (link) on the craziest and most creative ways people have gone about looking for their next gig.)

The traditional CV is dead.

One new medium breathing life into tired CVs is video. As people become more engaged and willing to post video content, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are changing to better facilitate video. And it turns out that CVs are no different.

The video CV not only gives all the same information as a regular CV (employment history, education, skillset), it also fills the gaps that are left in between. Why write down that you have excellent presentation and speaking skills when you can demonstrate live? Behind the print out is an actual person with passion. Attaching a video is a great way to show it.

This advancement has been made possible because of a rise in smartphone ownership. Around 93% of 16-54 year olds in the UK own a smartphone with the ability to take high-quality videos, quickly and easily. The medium is extremely accessible, which means that anyone can grab their smartphone, switch it on to selfie mode and record a video CV to their heart’s content.


Companies are taking notice, and are re-thinking how to let candidates demonstrate their skills. With Tempo, you can record a video to complete your online profile. Employers can watch candidate videos instantly, and get an in-depth sense of the person you are beyond a piece of paper. Tempo puts the power back into candidates hands.

Say goodbye to drab CVs and hello to the new, improved, creative videos that are taking over the 2018 job hunt.

Create your video profile with Tempo now.