Aug 26th 2022


When someone talks about a role in Admin you probably picture being sat at your desk, not moving for hours on end, surrounded by piles of paper stacked higher than your head.

Well, it’s time to shatter that stereotype because a career in Admin has so many different paths that you can go down with no day being the same. Do you like being in charge of running events? Or perhaps you’re more data orientated? The world of Admin has so much to offer, that your CV won’t be able to fit all of your skills and learnings.

So, last but by all means not least, we decided to deep dive into Admin as a career to round off our Start Up Your Career: Discover You Path webinar series. We were joined by Roukianicia Ardes, Office Manager at Teamtailor where she shared her first-hand insight into the role and what it takes to succeed. And what she had to say certainly shatters that stereotype of drowning behind piles of paper.

For those of you who missed it, or want to rejig your memory on what was said as they both deep-dived into the role, then you can sign up to watch it on-demand below.

Or for those who might find watching the whole thing a bit too much Admin – see what we did there – then have a dive below as we share some of the key highlights.

Dip your toe to test the water

When you’re looking to make that big career decision it can help if you dip your toe into different waters to test what it is you really want. Rocky highlights how this applies to Admin and what type of Admin you want to go into as Admin is so broad.

She says “I think the most important thing is to look around for any work experience or temporary work so you figure out where you fit best and what path in Admin you want to go down.”

She believes that doing this early on it will help you avoid going down the wrong path, and even goes on to share her own experience doing just this.

“I tested the waters by exploring my options and started out doing temporary work at Ikea as an HR Administrator for some work experience and then moved into a more permanent role as I discovered it was something I really enjoyed.”

Admin is the backbone of a business

As we mentioned earlier, there is such a stereotype around Admin being just about pushing papers and organising office socials, but there is so much more to it than just that. Rocky says how “I don’t just scroll through my computer all day answering emails or organising events – my day-to-day job is never the same”. Even Rocky’s colleagues aren’t sure exactly what it is that she does.

She says “People that work in Admin are the backbone of the company. We are the reason that the business runs smoothly and everything works. We work behind the scenes to make sure everyone else’s job is easier”.

That’s why she highlights that it is important that you are transparent with your role and that you show people what you are doing. “Never let anyone make you feel like your work is less important than theirs and be sure to shout about all the things you’ve done.” This is the same with taking a step back yourself and being proud of what you have achieved, as it’s easy to just spend your whole time with your head down.

There are endless transferable skills

There’s a reason the Admin is one of the most in-demand startup roles. The skills that you can learn are endless. Rocky highlights how in terms of soft skills she has had to learn to be very open to criticism. “Sometimes you feel like your colleagues or managers are just bringing you down and throwing shots, but criticism is actually so important for growth and improvement, so take the feedback on board so you can excel even further”.

Rocky also says that “time management from my HR Admin role was so transferable to my current role at Teamtailor. I learnt how to not burnout and still get all my tasks done and it been so useful later in my career”.

She was able to highlight other skills such as listening, patience, leadership, and communication. But not only that, she also highlighted a whole host of technical skills. Rocky has since learnt how to use systems such as Microsoft Office and other software that make her job that much easier. “These technical skills will be invaluable to me in future roles as they are needed in whatever career decide to do.”

Make the most of online resources

There are so many online courses and resources at your fingertips that you can use to upskill and excel in a role in the Admin. Rock says, “I always have to organise events working within a budget and I did not know how to do this before Teamtailor, so if you can do an online course that will set you up well for whatever Admin role you do”.

She highlights how knowing how to use Microsoft Office and systems such as Notion is so vital so look to upskill in these technical skills using any resources available to you.

“Make sure you invest in yourself and learn both technical and soft skills that will be great to put on your CV as this will help put you one step ahead in your Admin career.”

Go above and beyond with your applications

Apply for jobs is never easy, but if you try to go above and beyond then you will be ahead of the crowd.

Rocky says, “Before I got into an Admin role I had a mentor and went to different events to have three or four people check my CV. I made sure to connect with as many people as possible.”

She highlights how it’s this networking and building of connections with people that can help you to learn tips to stand out from the crown. Make use of platforms such as Linkedin to explore questions and push out your personal brand. But not only that she emphasises that you must research the company and do your homework. This will help to show your passion for who they are and what they do. She goes on to say that you are more than your CV.

“The most important thing is, to be honest about yourself and let your personality shine through. The company is looking for someone who is a good fit and what they can bring to the role, not just that person’s experience.”

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