Nov 2nd 2018

Liv 4 Success: Why it’s important to be yourself

Here at Tempo, we’re proud champions of individuality, and we work alongside amazing employers that share in our values. In this edition of #Liv4Success, I’d like to talk to you about why it’s important to be yourself, and how you’ll go further in the long run.

The importance of being yourself:

You know the old adage; be yourself, everyone else is taken? I couldn’t have put it better myself. Being you is your magic, it’s your superpower – and it’s what will make you stand out from the crowd (be it in an interview or on a Friday night with your mates!) Whilst of course you are displaying a version of yourself in an interview scenario, make sure this is still you – just in your best possible light.

Always be yourself:

Most people have their “work” selves and their “other” selves, bringing a certain persona to the office, and then relaxing at the weekend. Imagine if you didn’t feel obliged to do this, and you could just be you – wherever you are. We’re not suggesting you bring your favourite pair of fluffy socks to the office and binge on Netflix all day, by any stretch of the imagination, but just being comfortable in your own skin will absolutely allow you to foster more genuine, stronger, and longer-term relationships with your colleagues.

How to be yourself:

It’s all very well to tell you how important it is to be yourself and to not worry about having all these different personas, but what if… You’re not really sure what being yourself really is?? Well, I have a newsflash for you: most people don’t. You are definitely not alone, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that we are very fluid creatures, constantly evolving, with our surroundings constantly changing. And just because you start liking something different or aren’t into the same band your mates are, doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped being “you”. It just means you’ve evolved from the “you” that you used to be. Philosophical or what?!

Anyway, hope this helps and remember to stay true to yourself!

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