Nov 8th 2020

Why you should consider working for startups

Deloitte, PWC, Unilever – you will all probably have heard these names, and many of you will either be looking to apply, or already have applied, to them. But let’s throw out a few more names. Uber, Facebook, Monzo. Those will ring a bell too, and so they should. 

They are what we now call ‘Tech Giants’. But once upon a time, they were little more than an idea that a couple of entrepreneurs were desperately trying to build. In other words, they were startups.

And these startups have become a massive force within today’s working world. According to Tech Nation Report 2020, the UK is Europe’s number one top scaling tech nation, with UK tech employment having grown by 40% over the last two years. 

It is clear, especially in the current crisis, that these startups disrupting their industries could be the golden ticket you need to find a job by breaking away from the traditional big corporates. Not only this, but they are also a great place to work and to shape your career. And we want to highlight why this is the case, shining a light on the success of candidates who chose this career path to work in tech.

Top reasons to join the world of startups

Grow with the company 

Let’s be honest, when you leave uni you’re pretty inexperienced in the world of work, so you’re going to be starting out at the bottom of the ladder. But the beauty of working with startups is that they too are pretty young compared to the big giants, and so as they grow you get to grow with them. You will be able to experience different roles with constant learning and development. 

One of our Tempo candidates, Tiah, graduated from Plymouth College of Art and she landed a role with a tech startup called NextDoor, a social networking service for neighbourhoods. She came in as an Operations Support temp and as the company has grown over the last year, she too grew and moved up into Neighbour Operations Team Lead and is now UK Operations Lead.

Make a real impact 

More often than not at the big established giants, you find yourself just a cog in a machine. But the likes of Monzo not only give you the training you need but allow you to really own your role. Graduate Federico found this out when he landed a grad job at the company and really felt like he was making a difference whilst also learning loads of new skills.

Say goodbye to difficult barriers to entry 

Startups offer you an alternative route into building a career, with no long drawn out application processes. By applying for UberEats, graduate Alec was able to find a role in sales fresh out of university with no hassle. He didn’t have to write a cover letter and found there was total transparency in what to expect from the role. 

Support your side hustle

Startups give you the flexibility to support other passions with a job that fits into your life. By having a string of flexible roles one candidate, Thomas, has been able to support his passion for freelance writing whilst also gaining valuable work experience. 

Harness your entrepreneurial spirit 

Innovative companies breed a flat culture that allows you to work closely across the board with everyone. Every person plays a part in the company’s mission to disrupt the industry they are in. This is exactly how candidate Alex felt when she landed a role at Bulb, a green energy startup. She loves the company as a whole, believing in their mission and feeling a part of their culture.  

Want to find a startup job?

These startups aren’t as well known as your typical big giants, so you might be wondering how do you land a role and being your journey in a career in tech just like the candidates mentioned above? Well, at Tempo we are your one-stop-shop connecting thousands of candidates to some of the UK’s fastest-growing, most innovative startups. 

Final words 

There is a whole world of startups right at your fingertips that offer a range of opportunities and experiences to help you progress in your career. They are more than just ping-pong tables and beers in the fridge. They offer learning and development in a fast-paced environment, where you can really own your role and have an impact on the company. And Tempo can help you get there. 

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