Where are Tempo’s roles based?
We are currently hiring for roles in London, Manchester, Southampton and Cardiff. But we are expanding all the time so keep an eye out for new city launches.


What type of roles are on Tempo?
Tempo covers both temporary and permanent non-technical roles that include:

  • Assistant (PA/EA)
  • Customer Support
  • Sales
  • Finance Assistant
  • Front of House/Reception
  • Marketing
  • Operations and HR
  • Office Manager/Administrator


We will be moving into other functions soon.


What is the difference between temporary and permanent roles?
A permanent placement consists of roles with a permanent employment contract. Permanent employees will be eligible for full employment benefits offered by the relevant company. This is due to the contract being signed with the employer directly, rather than with Tempo.

A temporary placement is one where an employee is expected to remain in a role at a company for only a certain period of time, for a specified hourly rate. Temporary contracts remain with Tempo rather than your employer.


Is a temporary role right for me?
Temporary roles can be a great way to trial a position, company, and industry, or a short term solution to make some additional income.

Some temp jobs can lead to permanent employment if employers recognise your potential or a permanent need for the job that you’re doing.




How do I create a profile?
Firstly, create a Tempo account by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button, and fill in your contact details.

Once you’ve created an account you can start building your candidate profile. Follow the steps and fill out as much information as possible.

Remember, the information you provide is what employers will use to decide whether or not to invite you for an interview, so try and add as many details as possible.

Include a profile picture and a video to really sell yourself and increase your chances of getting hired.

Check out our video on how to create the perfect profile here.


Can I upload my CV directly onto the platform?
Yes. When you start creating your profile, simply upload a CV and our technology will take care of the rest. You will be able to edit any information and add more detail before it’s saved and shown to potential employers.


Do I have to add a picture or video to my profile?
No you don’t have to, but candidates with a profile picture or video are 72% more likely to get hired.

It’s a fantastic way to put a face to your name and, especially with the video, really let your personality shine through.




How can I apply to roles I’m interested in?
In the ‘Jobs’ page, within the ‘New jobs’ tab you can review the roles we have available.

If you’re interested in a role, simply click ‘Apply’ – your profile will be sent instantly to the hiring manager. The role will then move into the ‘Applied’ tab.


How do I know if the role is temporary or permanent?
The details of the job are within the role description which will specify whether the job is a temp or perm role.


How can I edit the sort of roles I am looking for?
In the ‘Preferences’ tab of your profile you can alter what sort of roles you’re looking for, along with your salary expectations and availability.


How can I find out what stage of the hiring process my application is at?
Keep checking your ‘Messages’ tab. Here you’ll receive updates on the status of your application.


Can I reach out directly to employers?
If an employer has either reached out to you directly or invited you for an interview, you can message them via the ‘Messages’ tab.




How do I know if I’ve been invited for an interview or Video Q&A?
If a company has invited you for an interview you’ll be notified via the ‘Messages’ tab on your profile. You’ll also receive an email.


What is a Video Q&A?
A Video Q&A is a great way to showcase yourself to employers, often replacing a telephone interview or even a face-to-face meeting.

You’ll be presented with 3 questions from a company, with a set amount of time to record an answer for each one, to be completed by a set completion date.

There will be a practice question to play around with before the real thing.


How do I do a Video Q&A?
Check out our Product Owner, Elliott Perks giving a step by step on how to smash your Video Q&A here.


What if I want to reschedule or cancel an interview/Video Q&A?
If you receive a request for an interview or Video Q&A and cannot make the time suggested, you have the option to send back your availability.

If you want to decline the interview altogether you can click ‘Decline’ and provide a reason why.




How do I accept/decline an offer?
If an employer has made you an offer (congrats btw!), you’ll be notified in your ‘Messages’ tab. Here you can review the opportunity, before deciding whether you want to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the offer.


How do I submit a counter-offer?
You cannot submit an official counter-offer.

We suggest messaging the company directly within the ‘Messages’ tab to suggest a counter-offer there.




How do I submit my timesheet?
To submit your timesheet, log into your Tempo account and within your ‘Jobs’ tab enter the ‘Timesheets’ section. Here you can complete your timesheet.

Your timesheet will then be submitted to your employer for approval.


My placement is coming to an end, what do I do if I’m staying at the company for longer?
If you’re meant to be staying on at the company, your employer will receive an email notifying them that your placement is coming to an end. From there, they can extend your contract. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want us to speak to your employer.




How can I delete my profile?
If you want to delete your profile, simply email and we’ll take care of the rest.



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