Everything you need to know to decide whether a career in Marketing is right for you.

The Marketing team is an essential part of every business, as the main focus is spreading awareness of the product in creative and innovative ways. The duties involved within a Marketing role can vary depending on the size of the company, as well as the team you sit in. A marketing function is traditionally responsible for monitoring market trends, creating advertising campaigns, developing messaging and targeting strategies based on demographic data, and working with the company to develop more awareness of what they offer.

The roles are very varied and as people progress through their marketing careers they tend to become more specialist in one or more areas of marketing.

Marketing Executives tend to be more generalists, overseeing all areas of the marketing and needing to wear many hats - for example, in a typical day you may be creating a multi-channel marketing campaign across email and social, and the next you might be sourcing a venue for an upcoming event. More specialised roles, for example, Social Media Executives, are responsible for managing all social media channels (i.e Instagram and TikTok) and producing content that drives the brand awareness that keeps followers engaged. You might also choose to specialise in Digital or Performance Marketing, where you are responsible for leveraging digital tactics to drive results. This could involve improving the company website to increase its visibility on search engines (SEO) or creating digital advertising campaigns (i.e. on google or social media) to drive new sales. A role in Marketing can also give you the opportunity to show your creative side, as well as think analytically about identifying opportunities to engage your company’s ideal customer.

There can be a misconception that a career in marketing is all about being creative and only “creative” people should apply. The marketing function will only succeed with a mix of talents and so those who lean towards being more analytical and data orientated will find really exciting careers in the function too.

Marketing and Sales also work together, sometimes under the umbrella of a commercial team, driving business and increasing revenue. The Marketing and Customer teams work together on product education and utilisation, customer happiness, and brand engagement.

Marketing Pathways

Have you ever wondered what a career in Marketing could look like? Our Marketing Pathway diagram guides you through the possible opportunities for progression.

Diagram showing career pathways for Marketing

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