Full Stack Developer

Location: London

We’re on a mission to make work an adventure and recruitment the most exciting thing companies do.

Each hire is the chance to find someone great, who will bring fresh ideas and energy to drive your business forward. For individuals, each new role is a chance to make an impact, develop skills and make new friends. However, thanks to years of cumbersome, disengaging and expensive processes, recruitment has become something that both companies and candidates dread. Tempo is here to change that.

We launched our MVP in May 2017 and started generating revenue the day it went live. We haven’t looked back since: We’ve seen over 75,000 candidates sign up to our platform; around 2,500 employers (including the likes of Monzo, Uber Eats, Bulb Energy and BCG to name a few); the size of the team has quadrupled, and investors have supported the business with over £8M of funding to accelerate our growth.

But we’re not done yet – we need more amazing developers to join our technical team as we consolidate and accelerate our expansion into 2020 and beyond. Although we’ve got great traction and a maturing product, we’re still a small and dynamic team and most definitely still in startup mode, so we’re looking for people who are:

  • Super smart, driven and can think outside the box
  • Responsible and diligent – willing to go out of your comfort zone to deliver greatness
  • Team players – as ready to have a laugh and support your colleagues as you are smashing out code

We are hiring for a number of development positions.

This opportunity is to be part of a growing Product Development team working on continuously delivering user-facing features to candidates and employers on our platform. You would be working underneath our Development Lead and interfacing with other developers, Product Owner and UI designer on a daily basis to deliver and maintain new features on our product roadmap.


We’re considering applicants with a range of experience, from those early on in their journeys to seasoned veterans with team lead experience.

Here are some of the things we work with. Experience or interest with at least two of these would be ideal:

  • Javascript / Typescript (core – although any other languages a big bonus)
  • React/redux
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • API design
  • Event-driven design
  • Microservices
  • Docker / Kubernetes
  • Advanced functional techniques (e.g. point-free, algebraic data types, etc.)We expect all our developers to be passionate about clean code and design principles including:* Functional programming – do you know your map from your reduce?
  • The importance of immutability
  • SOLID principles
  • Test-driven and domain-driven design
  • Commercial experience with client/server development (commensurate to level)


  • Unlimited holiday
  • Sanctus mental health coaching
  • Free wellness sessions (for example, yoga, pilates)
  • £1,000 a year individual Learning & Development budget
  • Regular team events and socials
  • A high spec laptop to use during employment
  • Office based role, with flexible working options