Senior Full Stack Developer

Location: London

We’re on a mission to make work an adventure and recruitment the most exciting thing companies do.

For our clients, each hire is the chance to find that next great person that will change their organisation – bringing fresh ideas and energy. For our candidates, each new role is the chance to develop professionally and personally, make new achievements, and meet new people. However, thanks to years of cumbersome, disengaging and expensive processes, recruitment has become something that both parties dread. Tempo is here to change that.

We launched in May 2017 and set about making this vision a reality. Our platform provides a different experience – we match people based on what really matters for modern work, bring roles and people to life using video, and enable varied ways for them to get to know each other before a match is confirmed (with an average time to hire of just 4 days, compared to industry average of 40 days). This experience has resulted in more than 75,000 candidates connected to 2,500 of the most exciting companies in the UK, including the likes of Monzo, Bulb, Drover and Goodlord to name a few.

The team has grown from 3 to 36 and we’ve attracted more than £8m of investment to accelerate our growth.

We’re now looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Developer.

This successful candidate will;

  • Be a core contributor to product feature development across our entire stack
  • Help develop and drive Tempo’s technical vision, policy, and guidelines: we are focussed on making Tempo easy, fun and build-able for even the most junior programmers.
  • Collaborate regularly with the entire engineering team


  • 4 years of commercial experience in a software engineering team.
  • Experience with (or at least knowledge of) most of the following concepts/technologies:
    • Javascript / Typescript
    • React (15 and 16+)
    • SOLID Design Principles
    • Functional Programming techniques (e.g. immutability, map/reduce, point-free)
    • Docker / Kubernetes
    • GraphQL
    • MongoDB
    • We are also keen on people with knowledge of: microservice architecture, event-driven architecture, type-driven design, domain-driven design & test-driven development.
  • Passionate about developing their craft and about keeping abreast of new technologies and trends in the industry (especially clean code and architectural techniques).
  • A consummate and dedicated communicator, able to work well across a diverse team, willing to learn and consider others’ opinions; constantly seeking feedback, mentoring peers and juniors.
  • Motivated by Tempo’s mission and vision to change the world of work; not solely by career opportunity.

We value diversity so we’re not looking to hire people that will just “fit” our team, we want people who will positively contribute to it and bring something different. Applicants from all backgrounds are very welcome.


  • Unlimited holiday
  • Sanctus mental health coaching
  • Free wellness sessions (for example, yoga, pilates)
  • £1,000 a year individual Learning & Development budget
  • Regular team events and socials
  • A high spec laptop to use during employment
  • Office based role, with flexible working options