Our fundamental belief is that everyone deserves to realise their full potential. We recognise the influence we have in levelling the playing field and providing people with access to opportunities they may have otherwise not been afforded. We want to be a force for good and do what we think is right in using our position to open doors that may otherwise have been closed.

- Ben Chatfield and Ollie Povey, Founders of Tempo


As part of our ongoing mission to make work an adventure, we want to ensure we are giving equal opportunities to all job seekers who use our platform. We sent out an anonymous survey to our candidate pool who have successfully been placed at jobs through our platform to get a better insight of the demographic breakdown. The data may not be entirely representative as it is based on the 133 responses we received. We will continue to conduct these surveys and update the data accordingly.

We are dedicated to inclusivity


We know how it feels to be part of a team and “find your people”. We also know how it feels to be excluded, left out of the joke. Inclusivity, to us, is absolutely crucial if we have any hope of achieving our diversity goals. We’re developing initiatives that focus on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard, respected and welcomed. This means in practice:

Making it clear to our people that we want to hear their voices and giving them opportunities to speak up.


Letting people shape initiatives that affect them, such as agreeing on Tempo’s flexible working approach together.


Celebrating our unique skills, such as our regular CuriousiT talks on random subjects we’re passionate about, or language classes from our multi-linguists.

Taking pride in our social environment, such as making new joiners feel special and part of the team from day one.

Being honest and accountable as leaders, explaining our decisions and never hiding away.

We are determined to keep learning

We’re on a journey – not a sprint or marathon. We know we’re not where we’d like to be yet and for us that’s OK, as long as we keep going. We plan to draw upon our values and unique DNA to keep us going and never give up; we will not be scared of failing, will remain curious and eager to continue learning and challenge what we think we know, and as a grounded and humble team we will not assume we know everything or know best – we’ll be open to being educated by others and self improvement. We hope that these aspects of who we are will enable us to be responsible in this space, and use our influence to truly do good.