Why should I choose Tempo over a job board?
Job boards inundate you with CVs, many of which may not be suitable. Instead, Tempo connects you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for the role.


Why should I choose Tempo over a recruitment agency?
By using agencies you hand the hiring decision over to an expensive third party who may not be familiar with the role or your company culture.

Tempo puts the power back into your hands, providing a transparent and efficient service so you can focus on what really matters: finding the right candidate for the job.


There are so many recruitment tools out there, so why choose Tempo?
Different tools can support different parts of the hiring process, but can create additional challenges with the team having to log into several platforms.

By using machine learning and video, Tempo’s end-to-end platform covers the most painful parts of the hiring process, all in one place.


Who’s Tempo’s typical customer?
Our typical customers are scale-ups looking to hire quickly and efficiently, but are restricted by time and resources.

However, we’re able to help any size of corporation, regardless of industry, who are looking to make hires within the functions we cover.


What roles does Tempo cover?
We cover non technical roles that include:

  • Assistant (PA/EA)
  • Customer Support
  • Sales
  • Finance Assistant
  • Front of House/Reception
  • Marketing
  • Operations and HR
  • Office Manager/Administrator


We will be moving into other functions soon.


Does Tempo cover temporary and permanent roles?
Yes – simply add the relevant details to your role according to your requirements.


Where does Tempo source their candidates?

  • Via online campaigns running in cities in which we operate.
  • Through partnerships with online groups for job seekers.
  • Through university specific online campaigns and a brand ambassador scheme across multiple universities.
  • Via our partnership with Pitman Training, the UK’s leading independent training provider.
  • At internal Tempo events that we organise quarterly.


We currently have a pool of 65,000 candidates and counting.


Where does Tempo operate?
Tempo currently operates in London, Manchester, Southampton and Cardiff.

If you’re based outside of these areas, we are happy to talk about how we can expand our services to help with your hiring needs

Contact us at to find out how we can help.




How do I create a company profile?
Firstly, create a company account here by filling in your contact details.

Now you can create your company profile. Make sure to include all the information candidates want to know about your company from your culture to your dress code.

Check out our video here on how to use the platform.


How do I post a role?
Once you’ve completed your company profile you can start posting roles.

Remember to define the key attributes of the role including the start date, salary information, whether the role is temp or perm and all the stuff candidates need to know.

Once you’ve filled in this information you can make your role visible to candidates.


My role is live, now what?
Our clever algorithm will instantly begin matching suitable candidates to your role. You will receive an outreach call from your Account Manager in order to discuss the specifics of the role and what you are looking for from candidates’ profiles.

Your assigned a Tempo Account Manager will support you throughout the hiring process and help curate your list of matching candidates.




How do I find the candidates that have been matched to my role?
Your ‘Matching’ tab will contain candidates that have been matched to your role by our expert algorithm, as well as your Tempo Account Manager’s suggestions for suitable candidates.

Now you can view their profiles, shortlist which candidates are right for the role, schedule interviews and even make offers.


Where do I see the candidates that have applied for my role?
You can access all candidates who have applied for your role through the ‘Interested candidates’ section at the bottom of your ‘Matching’ tab.


How do I reject candidates who aren’t quite right for the role?
If you think a candidate is not quite right for the role you can remove them using the ‘Reject’ button in the candidate’s profile overview.

Please give the candidate as much feedback as possible around a rejection as this will help inform the candidate on what experience they need to highlight/gain in future.




How do I schedule an interview/Video Q&A?
Once you’ve picked your lucky candidates, you can organise interviews via the ‘Request interview’ button.

From here you can select the type of interview you want to organise: Telephone, face-to-face or a Video Q&A.

If it’s a telephone or face-to-face interview define the length of the interview, who the interview will be with and the dates and times available. Then select ‘Request interview’ to submit the request to the selected candidate.

Once the candidate receives the interview invite they can select one of the times you’ve suggested, at which point you’ll receive a calendar invite with all the interview details.

If you want to organise a Video Q&A, submit the questions you want to ask the candidate, the time limit for their answer and a completion deadline. Then submit the Video Q&A request to the candidate.


What is a Video Q&A?
A Video Q&A can be used as an alternative to a face-to-face or telephone interview.

You can submit up to three questions to ask candidates, which they will respond to on video.

They will have a few seconds to read each question before they record their response within the specified time limit.

You can also set a completion deadline for their response.

Once candidates have completed their Video Q&As you can watch their pre-recorded answers on your Tempo account, within the ‘Interviews’ tab.


What if the candidate cannot make the interview times I’ve suggested?
The candidate can propose a new time if the times you’ve suggested do not work for them.

You will receive an email and a platform notification to let you know the candidate has proposed a new time. Log into your Tempo account and within the ‘Interviews’ tab you can either accept their new time, or propose another time.


Will I be notified when candidates have completed their Video Q&A?
You will receive an email when candidates have completed their Video Q&A.

Make sure to check your ‘Messages’ tab as this will also update you with the progress of your selected candidates.


What if candidates don’t respond to my interview/Video Q&A request?
You can message candidates in the ‘Interview’ tab via the ‘Messages’ button under their profile picture.




How do I make an offer?
Go into the ‘Interviews’ tab and click ‘Make offer’. You’ll then be able to define the details of the opportunity before you send it across to the candidate.


If I make a temporary hire, what happens with their paperwork?
Once you’ve made your temporary hire, we take care of the paperwork.




How do temporary hires submit their timesheets?
Temporary employees submit their timesheets through their Tempo profile. You’ll receive an email once they’ve submitted their timesheet where you can then review and approve it.

Once approved, Tempo will then organise their payment.


What do I do if I do not agree with the hours submitted in a timesheet?
If you do not agree with the hours the candidate has put down, please either ask them where the discrepancy might be or contact your Tempo Account Manager who will reach out to the candidate.


A temporary placement is coming to an end, how can I extend their contract?
You will receive an email when a temporary placement is coming to an end. You will then need to log into your Tempo account and extend the placement.

This can be done through the ‘Placement’ section on your job posting.

If you want to renew your temporary hire’s contract, you may want to consider making them a permanent employee.


How do I make a permanent offer to a temporary hire?
Log into your Tempo account, in the ‘Placement’ section of the relevant job posting there is a ‘Temp to perm’ conversion button.

Once you’ve chosen this option you can enter in the details of the permanent offer. This will then be sent to the candidate to accept.


How do I terminate the placement of a temporary hire before its official end date?
You will have to get in contact with your Tempo Account Manager to terminate a contract earlier than the specified end date.




Can I add colleagues to my account?
Yes. In the ‘My Team’ section of your profile select  ‘Add new member’ and invite them onto the platform.

They will receive an email invite which they will need to accept so they can be added to the account.


What if different users are looking after different roles?
Click on the ‘Preferences’ button within each of your job descriptions. Here you can determine who is notified for each role.




What does it cost to hire on Tempo?
For permanent hires, we offer a range of subscription options from 2 hires per year up to as many as you need. For temporary hires, you will be paying a fee of the worker’s hourly cost. This fee will depend on how many temps you current have in work. See all perm and temp hiring costs here.


What fees will apply if I change a hire from temporary to a permanent contract?
If you want to make a temporary worker permanent, there will be a fee according to your subscription package, between £2,500 and £2,000. To see what you would be paying, go to the Billing section of your account or check our Pricing.




Can Tempo work with an ATS?
We currently integrate with Workable and we’re working on productising our integrations with various ATS’, so stay tuned for product updates.



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