This webinar is a part of Tempo’s Super Startups Series. Where you’ll explore everything there is to know about the superpower that is culture.

Employees have spoken. Work culture statistics suggest 88% of employees believe the key to business success is a strong company culture. And with 46% of job seekers specifying workplace culture as very important when choosing where to apply for a job, it’s clear that it is climbing to the top of everyone’s lists.   

Team leaders have the greatest impact on company culture, despite less than one third of these leaders truly grasping the culture at their workplace. So, how can small business managers impact positive change? What can they do to improve their current company culture and ultimately end up as a top startup to work for in 2023?   

Join Tempo’s CEO & Co-Founder Ben Chatfield and Thomas Forstner, Director of People & Talent at Juro, the company that won first place in Tempo’s Super Startups to work for in 2022. Get secrets on how to cultivate workplace culture and ultimately, rank on Tempo’s 2023 Super Startups List. Here’s what you’ll learn:   

  • What are the key elements that create a positive workplace
  • How to identify areas of opportunity or improvement 
  • Common workplace culture challenges faced and how to overcome them 
  • Secrets to get nominated and rank highly on Tempo’s 2023 Super Startups List   
  • Top tips on how to maintain a positive work culture and momentum for a successful future 

Later this June we will be unveiling the top 50 UK startups to work for and discover their unique superpowers. Watch this space!