Jan 24th 2019

Liv4Success: How to prepare for an interview

It’s always exciting when you get the call for an interview. It’s the perfect chance to sell yourself and show your next potential employer what you’re made of. But then the moment hits and it begins to dawn on you that you have no idea what you’re doing. Don’t worry, I have been there multiple times. So many questions start popping into your head… Where do you begin? What do they want to know? What will they ask? What do I say? Whether it’s for a phone or a face-to-face interview, the most important thing is preparation. If you do this, the rest will fall into place.

So, I have decided to write down a few of my own top tips to make sure you smash that interview!

Fail to plan, plan to fail. You wouldn’t go into a test without revising, so why go into an interview having no idea what the company does or without any kind of research? They want to see you know what you’re applying for and that you demonstrate a passion for their company. Nothing is more disappointing than when a candidate oozes enthusiasm and then doesn’t even know the most basic facts about the company.

Here are a few places you can find some useful information: A simple online search about the company. Consider how the role you’re applying for relates to the company’s mission. Don’t just regurgitate. Browse through some business publications and read up around the industry and whether the company has been featured. Background knowledge on the industry is key to make a lasting impression. Do you know anyone in the field you could talk to? A relative or a friend, maybe even reach out to some people on LinkedIn. Everyone has a network, you just need to be savvy about using yours when you’re just starting out.

With all this knowledge on the company logged, you can now look into preparing the most important bit; yourself. Remember: ultimately, this interview is about you and what you can do. So try to feel as good about yourself as you can. It really does shine through.

So why don’t you do what I do and sit down with your CV and make notes, just as if you were preparing for an exam. Study your work record and what you have achieved. How do you see yourself? What have you done? What ambitions do you have? Make notes and prepare and rehearse soundbites about yourself. Do this out loud, even if it feels a bit weird. Don’t forget to relate specific areas of your CV back to the job description. Why are YOU perfect for the role?

I am sure you all know this already, but make sure you look presentable for your interview, ooze enthusiasm and BE ON TIME! If you are doing a phone interview, just remember the obvious things like: making sure you are in a quiet room, dressing up a bit so you feel professional, having good signal and again, showing enthusiasm.

If you prepare well enough for these areas, then you will nail that interview!