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From easy business tools to mental health, these are the London startups raising the tempo in 2020. Each company has its own stand-out superpower and should be on every candidate’s watchlist. The Tempo team has researched hundreds of companies – looking at buzz in the media, funding rounds, employee reviews, benefits and everything in between – to end up with this eclectic mix of 50 super startups to work for in 2020.


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Published October 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for the 2021 list, coming out in Q4 2020.

50. BULB

The UK’s biggest green supplier, Bulb supplies 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. They are also on a mission to help people lower their energy bills. Named the fastest-growing company in the UK, there’s a steep learning curve (but lots of training is provided) alongside a real opportunity to make an impact on the world.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Creating a more sustainable world





Trouva’s platform provides easy access to unique homewares, handpicked by the world’s best curators. Awarded Emerging Retailer of the Year 2019, Trouva offers employees an assortment of benefits including share options, 33 days holiday and discounted Apple products. Combining creativity and discovery, this one is here to stay.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing the offline online





On a mission to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of everyone, Babylon Health is well on the way to achieving their goal with provider plans in place from the US to the Middle East. The health of their team is of equal importance, and employees are offered free Babylon for them and their family as well as life insurance.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Putting healthcare into people’s hands





Believing food is the source of happiness (because let’s face it, it is) City Pantry delivers food from the best restaurants and caterers straight to offices. They’ve kept the likes of Amazon and Spotify teams well-fed and, of course, also make sure their own team doesn’t go hungry with three free lunches a week. This is one for the foodies.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Providing fuel for city workers





Perkbox enriches the employee experience, by providing companies a range of employee perks from medical support to cinema tickets and everything in between. In addition to the perks they offer customers, Perkbox employees enjoy regular team lunches, out of office days and team building nights – keeping office life pretty perky…

💥 SUPERPOWER: Brightening up the workday 





Taking the hassle out of hosting, Airsorted is a key player in the booming sharing economy. Handling everything from cleaning to guest communication, Airsorted is a modern day must-have for landlords and hosts. Employees enjoy an equally modern culture with flexible working and pawternity leave – a week working at home when you get a new pet.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Fixing the hosting hassle 





Sonovate has created an end-to-end work pay solution that enables businesses to pay their contract and freelance workers easily and on time. Sonovate recognises the changing demands created by the new working world, which is why they offer employees flexible working, free takeaways, two days charity leave per year and much more.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Getting people paid on time




43. ZOPA

Say goodbye to time-consuming middlemen with Zopa. Their peer-to-peer lending platform lets lenders and borrowers deal directly with one another so they can get a loan in minutes. This no-nonsense platform is complete with no-nonsense employee perks from flexible working, enhanced maternity and paternity pay and discounted gym memberships.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Cutting out the middleman





Streetbees’ global intelligence platform enables them to analyse real-life moments, across the globe, in real-time. That’s really cool. With a world-class client list including Pepsi and Unilever, Streetbees’ employees are kept busy bees. In return they’re offered flexible working opportunities and company holidays to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Unlocking powerful insights all over the world





Touch Surgery combines core concepts from gaming and surgical training to allow healthcare professionals to learn and teach surgical procedures all on their mobiles. The team at Touch Surgery have built the world’s most downloaded surgical training app, and with a culture promoting growth and development, their journey has only just begun.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Revolutionising surgeries at the touch of a button 





Papier is kicking it old school with beautifully designed and customised cards and stationery. Inspiring people to connect in more meaningful ways, Papier is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly digital world. On a mission to preserve culture, Papier employees get monthly cultural allowances to spend on gigs, books, exhibitions or anything inspiring.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Preserving old school culture





A company looking to preserve the hotel industry rather than disrupt it, Triptease has built a software that helps hotels identify, attract and convert guests. This fast-paced startup has already expanded to Asia and the US and offers employees the opportunity to travel with work – alongside self-development allowance, fun socials and Friday Learning Lunches.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Helping hotels stay booked up 





Building, quite literally, whole new worlds using powerful technology, Improbable helps solve previously impossible problems through the creation of new realities. Employees are given the encouragement and tools to achieve extraordinary things every day and make the improbable probable.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Building new worlds





As the leading online marketplace for short-term retail space, Appear Here helps leading retailers and up-and-coming startups make their ideas a reality. The team work hard and play quirky with social events such as sound baths and blindfolded martini making…we want the name of their events planner!

💥 SUPERPOWER: Making retail dreams come true 





Want to work with the UK’s top businesses and entrepreneurs? Look no further than OakNorth. Designed to provide bespoke finance solutions, OakNorth helps high growth businesses reach their full potential. Having won best challenger bank at the Growth Finance Awards 2019, their level of growth has opened up huge learning opportunities for employees.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Providing no-nonsense finance





With a commitment to excellent service, Yieldify has built a data-first solution to deliver personalised customer journeys online. Yieldify employees deliver measurable results for their customers who include Dominos and L’Oréal, all from the comfort of a rooftop office with a mini golf course.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Transforming the customer journey





Concerned about identity fraud? Fear not. Onfido has created a modern day, fast identity verification solution that’s used by the likes of Revolut and Orange. Despite its fast growth, the company has managed to maintain its friendly, welcoming culture, most likely due to the valuable onboarding process where ‘Newfidos’ are instantly made to feel part of the team.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Protecting the world from identity fraud





Cuvva is going back to basics with its product that puts the customer first. By cutting out the middleman, Cuvva’s platform streamlines insurance policy applications, enabling the team to offer fast, friendly insurance solutions. Cuvva’s culture is values driven and includes a wellbeing budget and one-to-one mental health coaching…just our cuvva tea.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Turning the world of insurance on its head





As our lives become more flexible, so should the way we bank. Monese has built a banking solution that is on-demand, instant, and inclusive. These modern values are also instilled in Monese’s culture with remote working, flexible working options, opportunities to travel to different offices…oh, and an abundance of office dogs.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Making banking more flexible





Referred to as the ‘Uber for Beauty’, Blow is the UK’s leading provider of beauty on demand. From massages to pedicures, Blow is designed to fit beauty appointments around the schedules of time-poor individuals. Recognising that sometimes life gets in the way, Blow employees can choose their own hours.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing beauty to your doorstep





Thriva offers a personalised at-home finger-prick blood test which enables individuals to track and improve their health. They keep their culture thriving with monthly team activities and annual ‘treat yourself’ budgets…keen on a massage or want to buy a new novel? No problem, it’s on Thriva.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Improving health with a prick of a finger





Koru Kids provides modern childcare solutions for modern families. By offering affordable and accessible high-quality childcare, the Koru Kids team give power back to working parents. On a mission to help build the future of work, the team get to be part of something truly transformational.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Building the future of childcare




28. TIDE

Bringing in a new age of business banking, Tide has created the ultimate platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs. By creating a smart current account, business owners get back more time to do what they love. Tide has doubled in size in the past year, unsurprisingly seeing as the ‘Tidean’ team are encouraged to be go-getters and problem-solvers.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing in a new wave of business banking





On a mission to simplify global trade, Zencargo combines word-class freight forwarding services with pioneering technology, providing users with enhanced supply chains. Their collaborative culture, perks including flexible working, and the parent-friendly hours bring a sense of zen to the office too.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Breaking down barriers to trade





TransferWise offers a faster, more affordable way to send money abroad. On average eight times cheaper in fact. The working environment at TransferWise is challenging but loyalty and hard work are rewarded; over 80% of team leads were promoted internally and after four years employees are offered a six week paid sabbatical.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing borderless payments to a borderless world





Looking to take the expense and time out of collecting direct debits? Look no further than GoCardless, committed to making online payments affordable and easy. GoCardless is equally committed to building a diverse culture – just check out their 2020 targets that include doubling the number of women in tech roles and increasing women in leadership.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Fixing the broken world of payments





Named one of BusinessCloud’s 101 FinTech Disruptors, Iwoca is a custom-built solution providing small businesses with working capital, fast. For employees, Iwoca places a real emphasis on learning and development from offering tickets to tech conferences across Europe to extra leave for study purposes.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Opening up possibilities for small businesses





JustPark creates pain-free parking for users as well as gives homeowners a way to earn additional income by renting out their driveways. Winner of Sir Richard Branson’s VOOM competition, the company is ushering parking into the modern age and taking employees on the journey with them by offering generous stock options.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Introducing parking to the sharing economy





Tessian deploys machine learning to improve email security. With the threat of a hack fast-becoming an everyday possibility, Tessian’s services are a modern day essential. This innovative company recognises the need to snap up top candidates and is proud of its streamlined and transparent hiring process.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Protecting communication from the nasty world of hacking





Making sure the elderly receive the care they deserve, Elder offers live-in specialists for those in need. Using personality compatibility tests, Elder matches older people with companions, not just carers. Having crafted a team from the likes of Google and Unilever, along with a mentoring programme to drive individual growth, we’re sure this one’s here to stay.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Caring for loved ones




20. OLIO

Tackling waste via the sharing economy, Olio has built a platform where businesses and individuals can connect and share food. Olio is not only a startup tackling one of the biggest problems facing our society – food waste – but it’s also a fantastic place to work, ranking number 5 in Escape the City’s top 100 places to work in the UK.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Saving the world from food waste





Solving a real pain point for businesses, Fluidly helps them forecast and optimise their finances. Recognised in the Wired Top 100 European startups, Fluidly is defining a new category of Intelligent Cash Flow. Recognising that life at a fast-growing startup can be challenging, they offer employees flexible and remote working opportunities.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Predicting the future to remove financial concerns





On a mission to simplify the way people spend, save and see money, Curve connects all accounts to one card and an even smarter app. Managing finances has never been easier. The team may work hard but not at the expense of enjoying themselves too. In fact, having a wicked sense of humour is part of their job spec.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Simplifying financial life





With tenancy deposits in the UK reaching extortionate highs, Flatfair offers a more affordable alternative. Landlords can offer tenants the option to pay an affordable membership fee and receive up to double the protection. Alongside fixing the broken rental market, Flatfair employees enjoy flexibility, training opportunities and regular social events.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Saving renters from the strain of unaffordable deposits





Disrupting the archaic rental industry, Residently has built a platform to make rental as simple and cost-effective as possible. Customers and employees alike love the company; hence its five star ratings on Trustpilot and Glassdoor. Cons of working at Residently? ‘None, none, none’ according to one employee on Glassdoor.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Reinventing the world of renting





Whether planning an event for 20 or 4,000 people, Feast It helps people book the perfect catering supplier in a matter of minutes. This foodie startup makes sure their employees are well-fed too from discounts in many of London’s best restaurants and tickets to food-industry events aplenty. Count us in.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Organising feasts in minutes





Forward Health aims to create a connected world of healthcare by enabling secure communication amongst health professionals. Working at Forward Health means being at the heart of the health technology revolution, along with forward-thinking perks including unlimited holiday and everyday physical and mental maintenance.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Fast-forwarding the world of health





Multi-award winning Shieldpay is transforming the world of payments, enabling secure transactions between consumers and businesses all over the world. The Shieldpay team …shield…their users from fraud on their most valuable transactions, and are a driven bunch of people on a mission to build the world’s greatest payments company.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Fighting fraud one payment at a time





On the frontier of conversational artificial intelligence, PolyAI has developed a unique conversational model unlike anything else in the market. With the aim of reflecting the make-up of their customers, PolyAI promotes a multicultural and multilingual workforce. If you’re looking for a diverse working environment, look no further.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Improving customer experiences through technology





Founded as a force for good to reduce financial worries, Wagestream has built an app that provides employers and employees with an easy way to encourage saving. The team at Wagestream are motivated and united by their mission; reducing workplace stress and increasing employee engagement through better financial education.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Increasing happiness through financial freedom





By unearthing consumer insights and putting data at the heart of decision-making, Attest brings businesses closer to their customers. Attest’s unique platform has allowed them to work with top consumer brands such as Heineken and Fever-Tree. The team are supportive and talented, and an impressive 91% of them would recommend Attest to a friend.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Unlocking business growth





Elvie creates products that women need and deserve…finally! Designed by scientists and engineers, their products have racked up over 12 awards for innovation and design. Working here means working for a company at the forefront of the growing FemTech industry. Their products have even been featured in the Oscar Nominee gift bags – next stop, Hollywood.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Pioneering innovative FemTech





Putting food back into dog food, Butternut Box helps furry friends live happier and healthier lives. With a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and lots of buzz in the media, this innovative way to personalise dog food is definitely here to stay. Office dogs are a given in Butternut Box’s beautiful co-working space so joining the squad is a no-brainer for dog lovers.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Giving man’s best friend the food they deserve





One of the UK’s leading PropTech scale-ups, Hubble makes it easy for companies to find their ideal office space. Hubble believes in promoting a healthy work-life balance; valuing hard work but also the team’s life outside the office, offering employees Netflix, Amazon Prime or Spotify subscriptions.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Finding companies their perfect home





By dividing the world into 3m x 3m squares with a unique three word address, what3words is the simplest way to talk about location and the platform is used by businesses worldwide to operate more efficiently. Hiring a mix of experienced entrepreneurs and academics, what3words is committed to building a diverse and innovative culture.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Making sure nothing and no one is ever lost again




 5. CLEO

Providing a helping hand with money, Cleo helps its users budget, save and track spending. With such services in high demand, Cleo claims to be the fastest-growing FinTech company in history. Being part of Cleo’s team means being part of something truly innovative and helpful. The high street banks should be watching their backs with this one.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Putting people in control of their finances





Launched in 2014, Huckletree is on a mission to turn the world into a better place by building workspaces where like-minded individuals meet, learn and connect. The Huckletree team are 100% committed to their cause so company equity is a perk worth paying attention to, alongside the seriously generous benefits package.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing like-minded people together





Offering fast loans at fair rates, Lendable makes borrowing money quick and easy. By looking beyond an applicant’s credit score they offer fairer rates to a wide range of borrowers. Lendable’s flat structure enables employees to get stuff done just as quickly as customers get a loan. Now that’s a service we can get onboard with.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Bringing consumer finance into the 21st century





Helping a generation save and invest in their future, Moneybox rounds up everyday purchases and sets aside spare change. The award-winning app is loved by consumers and employees alike, and their inclusive culture and regular social events have earned them a glowing five star rating on Glassdoor.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Giving younger generations the power to save





Sanctus is on a mission to change the perception of mental health. By partnering with companies, Sanctus creates safe spaces in workplaces where people can talk about their mental health. This goes for their own workplace too with monthly ‘Group reflections’ where the Sanctus team can talk about what’s on their mind.

💥 SUPERPOWER: Smashing the stigma around mental health



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