From modern healthcare to smart FinTech and everything in between, these are the London startups raising the tempo in 2022. Each company has its own stand-out superpower and should be on every candidate’s watchlist. The Tempo team has researched hundreds of companies and competition was fierce – read on to discover the very best places to work in 2022.




Zero interest. Zero hidden fees. Zero surprises. Zilch everything. The product allows customers to buy what they want but pay later without the hidden fees. For employees, Zilch places a real emphasis on work-life balance from offering online wellness events to private health insurance to free flowing barista-made coffee. 

SUPERPOWER: Letting you have what you want, when you want it

49. AULA

Let’s face it – we’ve all completely zoned out during a class at some point in our lives. But Aula vows to put a stop to snooze-worthy lessons. Aula makes student engagement easy with its interactive and visual learning experience platform. To also keep the team engaged, Aula offers free books, workspace grants, travel and self-care stipends. Au-la-la.

SUPERPOWER: Blending art and science to transform education


When it comes to innovation, TrueLayer is not here to play. The company has taken home multiple awards for its cutting edge technology and has raised $270m in total funding to date. The team think BIG and can reap the benefits of their hard work with three wellbeing days each quarter, private health insurance and remote working stipends.

SUPERPOWER: Revolutionising the way money moves


If dogs could talk, they would probably ask their humans for 10 more servings of food. Here, it’s all about helping furry friends live happier and healthier lives through delightful tailored meals. The product is not the only thing worth barking about, employees are treated to L&D budgets, flexible leave to care for your pet, and generous discounts on their products.

SUPERPOWER: Feeding dogs tail-wag worthy meals


As the leading marketplace for flexible retail space, Appear Here helps brands, entrepreneurs and creatives turn their ideas into a reality. The team are an ambitious bunch but know when to make space for fun socials with Friday team lunches and blindfolded martini making (we’re totally stealing this idea).

SUPERPOWER: Making it easy for people to find space for their ideas


Infogrid protects the planet and the lives of billions by making every building a smart building by combining the world’s smallest IoT sensors with powerful AI. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do, from the product, the office, to how they celebrate successes internally – employees can plant trees in the ‘Infogrove’ forest whenever a milestone is met. That’s seriously cool.

SUPERPOWER: Reducing carbon footprints by building sustainable spaces


No one likes to talk about death. But Farewill are here to make things easier, faster and friendlier to deal with by blending smart technology with outstanding customer service. Farewill believes in doing good, and they only hire the very best people to make sure that happens. Employees are offered a safe place to be themselves, opportunities to contribute to the direction of the business, and grow in their role.

SUPERPOWER: Changing the way the world deals with death


Faire is all about making it fair for independent businesses to succeed in a world dominated by big dogs. The online marketplace connects retailers to independent brands across the globe. This idea of fairness can be seen in their employee benefits too. From charitable matching, health and wellbeing services, and office spaces designed by locals, Faire really do believe in serving the community.

SUPERPOWER: Levelling the playing field for small businesses

42. DICE

With £89m funding in the bank, DICE is one to watch. This ticketing platform believes nothing can stop fans from enjoying a live show – not even a pandemic. And when lockdown brought the live scene to a screeching halt, they brought the show to fans. DICE is all about giving people a nice time, which is why the team get unlimited holiday, workcations and monthly credit to use on events.

SUPERPOWER: Showing fans a good time, one gig at a time


Into sustainability? Then this renewable energy group will (ten)tickle your fancy. Octopus Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity from sun, wind and water at fair prices for everyone. A win-win for the planet and its inhabitants. And believe it or not, the list of employee benefits here outdo the number of octopus limbs – including uncounted holidays, summer festivals, and tax free childcare.

SUPERPOWER: 100% green energy


Quantexa’s technology addresses real-world problems – it’s innovative and it’s making a real difference in the world. And this is only possible with the bunch of geniuses they have working hard behind the scenes. Quantexans are rewarded with tons of other benefits to support them in and outside of work. Mentor programs. Generous holiday allowance. Professional development. You name it, they have it.

SUPERPOWER: Using data for good across real-world problems


Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky systems. Send Humaans to the rescue. This HR startup makes it as easy as pie to onboard and manage staff. The humans behind Humaans team have access to a range of delightful benefits, including private health and dental insurance, generous WFH setup budget, and a flexible working schedule that works for everyone.

SUPERPOWER: Making staff onboarding a walk in the park


EduMe is a mobile training tool that gives workforces the training they need to smash their careers. By giving people the gift of knowledge, anyone can become invincible. And they do not only empower other workforces to perform at their best, they are also committed to their own. From learning budgets and flexible working to enhanced parental leave and wellbeing budgets, it’s clear that EduMe really do believe in power to the people.

SUPERPOWER: Empowering workforces to perform at their best

37. HUMN

Humn builds machine learning into the things that people use every day. The company builds improvements to everyday tech from the ground up, byte by byte. And whilst data is their passion, people is their focus. Fellow Humns enjoy benefits dedicated to their growth and wellbeing on top of flexibility and a great parental leave policy

SUPERPOWER: Making data make sense


Taking the zzZ out of legal processes, Legatics are here to save the day. Legatics converts legal processes into simple and highly automated software that frees lawyers from all the admin. Wins are frequently celebrated together here and employees enjoy the challenging but rewarding environment, passionate team, and upskilling opportunities.

SUPERPOWER: Reinventing legal transactions


Cuvva is an award-winning car insurance that’s hassle-free and fit for the future. By cutting out the faff, Cuvva makes it easy for customers to get flexible cover in minutes. All within a few taps. The super startup has made sure their team are also Cuvva’d nicely with a wellbeing budget, professional development budget, and one-to-one mental health coaching. Splendid!

SUPERPOWER: Flexible car insurance in minutes


Purlos is an admissions platform that helps educational institutions reduce student drop-outs with Jenni, a smart conversation assistant who engages with students 24/7. Sounds pretty impressive, right? And impressive is just what working there feels like – employees talk about the forward-thinking nature, the energetic environment, and the shared motivation to drive change in the education system.

SUPERPOWER: Supporting students when they need it most


Sensat translates the real world into a digital version so that infrastructure projects are smarter and sustainable. This innovative company is focused on building an environment that creates the conditions for employees to grow, learn and succeed. And with significant equity share options, access to all of Udemy’s courses and a £500 personal development fund, they’re on the right track.

SUPERPOWER: Digitising real-world places for infrastructure projects


Beep beep! Give way to painless car selling. Motorway uses smart technology to match
customers’ cars with a nationwide network of verified dealers, alleviating all the headache.
Employees can choose the hours that work for them and expecting parents are given
enhanced parental leave. This is a startup racing for first place.

SUPERPOWER: Helping you sell your car as fast as sonic


AccuRx allows anyone involved in a patient’s care to easily communicate with each other, including the patient, to ensure top quality care is delivered. The AccuRx team take pride in their mission and are treated to a generous bundle of benefits, including therapy sessions, daily lunch, massages, and £500 each to spend on wellness. Now that’s top-class care.

SUPERPOWER: Uniting everyone involved in a patient’s care.


On a mission to simplify supply chains with a technology-first approach, Beacon provides customers with end-to-end visibility, payments, and insights over their freight. The company is a beacon of light for their employees by offering an environment which embraces diversity of thought, openness, and honesty – allowing everyone to be their authentic selves.

SUPERPOWER: Simplifying supply chains


On a mission to improve the financial wellbeing of people in work, Wagestream allows employees to instantly access, track, save and manage earned wages. Wagestreamers are motivated and united by their mission and embrace the opportunity to make a mark on the world without needing a map to show them the way.

SUPERPOWER: Enabling people to have power over pay


Payroll outsourcing is slow and manual. But Pento allows companies to automate the entire payroll process and run it in minutes. If that isn’t an awesome superpower to have, we don’t know what is. With unlimited holidays, flexible working, travel stipends and family friendly policies, the team at Pento certainly does not go without.

SUPERPOWER: Saving employers from manual payroll

27. BEAM

Beam is the perfect precedent that it feels good to do good. By connecting homeless people to people who want to fund their campaigns, Beam helps give them a career, pride and true independence. Beam not only provides a hero-like platform for those who need it, they also take care of their own. A generous holiday allowance, annual retreats and meditation; employees have all they need to focus on helping others.

SUPERPOWER: Supporting homeless people with the training they need to succeed


They say knowledge is power. And HowNow has made it easy for fast-growing companies to upskill and nurture employees with its all-in-one learning platform. The employees love the benefits which include private health insurance, combining work and travel on “workations”, share options and pension, and a dedicated learning budget to name a few.

SUPERPOWER: Giving people the superpower of knowledge


Shieldpay guards customers and businesses from bad transactions. Employees are also protected from working on bad days by taking off a day a month without booking or seeking approval. The superhero startup provides an environment where employees are empowered to bring change and be autonomous.

SUPERPOWER: Empowering customers and businesses to complete transactions with confidence

24. HOFY

Hofy handles the heavy lifting of equipping remote teams with the work equipment they need to have a happy work life. Born during the early stages of the pandemic, Hofy is a startup to keep an eye on – and their 200% increase in headcount is proof of their rapid growth. Employees at Hofy are part of a journey where they move seriously fast in a hybrid world, with an opportunity to gain unmatched experiences for the future.

SUPERPOWER: Transforming the way companies manage remote teams


Just like the milkman but with bouquets, Freddie’s Flowers has a superhero A-team to make sure the freshest seasonal blooms are sent across the UK in a sustainable and ethical way. The team follows a working compass to make sure not only the flowers get delivered, but that they deliver too. Freddie’s Flowers offer employees delicious lunches twice a week, health and wellbeing sessions and of course, free flowers!

SUPERPOWER: Adding colour to your space with sustainable flowers


A little bird told us that with Birdie’s care management software, older adults can enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives at home. The Birdie team can’t stop raven about the supportive company culture, clear progression pathways, and working together towards the same goal: positively impacting the lives of millions.

SUPERPOWER: Reinventing the way we age with im-peck-able care management


Recently hitting its millionth user milestone, Freetrade is not going anywhere. Not only do they empower people to invest, they also invest in their employees’ future. The Freetrade team benefits from making a direct impact and gaining experience in an early stage, seriously fast-growth startup, as well as travel and health insurance.

SUPERPOWER: Making it hassle-free to start investing


If you had a penny for every time you bought something, well, Moneybox will save it for you. Making it easy for young people to save, Moneybox rounds up everyday purchases and sets aside spare change. Employees love working for the award-winning app and rave about the inclusive culture, regular social events, and access to a huge range of perks.

SUPERPOWER: Helping young people invest in their future


When you think of superheroes, you think of capes and masks, not curvy vegetables. Oddbox is your modern hero. This super startup saves the planet by rescuing the ‘oddly shaped’ fruit and veg that don’t quite make it to supermarket shelves. Employees love being a part of a sustainable company and enjoy two volunteering days and four ‘not-sick’ days per year. Now that’s a superhero for you.

SUPERPOWER: Fighting food waste and filling bellies at the same time


From intimate dinner parties to the UK’s largest festivals, Feast It helps customers discover the perfect supplier for any event. Caterers. Florists. Teepees. You name it, they probably have it. The team are a hungry and ambitious bunch but are in for a delicious treat – they benefit from free food, tickets to events and huge discounts at London’s best restaurants. Sooo…. where do we sign up?

SUPERPOWER: Connecting customers to the best event suppliers


On a mission to empower people to own their development, Learnerbly is a marketplace full of L&D resources to help people thrive in their careers. The internal culture at Learnerbly is not about beer fridges and table football, but about adding true value to employees’ lives by providing them with the tools, flexibility and skills to be their very best selves.

SUPERPOWER: Unlocking people’s full potential


Collective Benefits is a social impact startup with a big ambition – to provide one million independent workers with the protections they need to feel valued. And you guessed it: benefits are a big deal here, which is why they offer employees flexible working, 24/7 digital GP, and a bunch of discounts on big brands.

SUPERPOWER: Protecting independent workers with the benefits they want


Children learn best when they play and tiney believes that often applies to adults. New starters are offered a bundle of joy when they join. And no, we’re not referring to tiney humans but rather £2k worth of equipment, mental health subscriptions, and invites to quirky socials including drawing workshops, magic lessons and laughter yoga. Oh, and they also offer £5k of childcare through a tiney childminder for returning parents.

SUPERPOWER: Reinventing childcare to give children a great start in life


As a company committed to helping fast-growing businesses create better employee experiences, it’s no surprise that this is extended to their very own bobbers too. Their people are their priority, and they don’t joke around when it comes to career development. Bobbers work in a transparent and dynamic environment that helps them grow their skills – and themselves.

SUPERPOWER: Helping companies drive culture and engagement


Retailers are ready for an innovative approach to drive sales. And no – we’re not talking about robots or flying drones. They need Quorso’s intelligent management platform that simplifies data into three priority actions. This no-nonsense platform is complete with no-nonsense employee perks from flexible working, generous holiday allowance and private medical insurance.

SUPERPOWER: Making store management agile, simple and human


Say hello to HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). The first of its kind in the UK, Selina Advance introduces a flexible and affordable way to finance upgrades to your lifestyle sooner. Employees enjoy fresh fruit and breakfast, and an annual L&D budget so that they can truly… advance.

SUPERPOWER: Empowering homeowners with a new form of lending


In charge of hosting the work Christmas party? Or a super duper important conference?! VenueScanner makes sure events are worth attending by helping people discover the perfect venue. Knowing how impactful surroundings can be, the team is given an energetic and fun place to work, powered by Happy Hour Thursdays, quarterly team retreats, and monthly bonuses.

SUPERPOWER: Connecting you to the best venues for hosting unforgettable events


Who let the dogs out? Well at homes with Butternut Box subscriptions, furry friends are definitely not leaving without tucking into their fresh and delicious personalised meals first. Many employees dub this company the best place they’ve ever worked for – and with an office full of dogs and a strong focus on personal development, it’s not hard to see why.

SUPERPOWER: Delivering health and happiness to dogs through pawsome food.


Finding pensions super confusing and overwhelming? Penfold is on a mission to help you live in the moment by taking care of your pension. Just like how their customers are set up for life, so are their employees. The team receive a massive 10% pension contribution that they don’t need to match as well as uncapped bonuses.

SUPERPOWER: Taking care of your future, so that you can enjoy the now.


It’s easy to get lost in conversation when there’s constant chatter. Which is why Chattermill has a solution which uses AI to unify and analyse customer feedback to improve the customer experience. And they sure do practise what they preach by ensuring employees have a work culture worth shouting about. The team enjoys a fully stocked library, free yoga classes, fantastic progression opportunities and more.

SUPERPOWER: Bridging the gap between customer feedback and businesses


On a mission to build the world’s leading digital rewards platform, WeGifts incentivises consumers when they make a purchase. At the WeGift HQ, employees also unwrap a whole load of rewards in return for their hard work and loyalty, including a bunch of discounts, a generous L&D budget, and a parental package.

SUPERPOWER: Rewarding consumers with instant incentives when they buy


Visionable believes healthcare should be equitable and accessible for all, which is why they provide a universal video collaboration platform for clinicians to deliver better patient care. With care at the core of the company, Visionable’s benefits package is centered around the support and wellbeing of their employees, with a mental wellbeing programme and assistance platform being offered as just a few of their perks.

SUPERPOWER: Revolutionising healthcare for everyone on the planet


Recently crowned the UK’s latest tech unicorn, Marshmallow are keeping things electric by rebuilding car insurance for good. Working at Marshmallow is just as sweet as their name sounds. With a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, mental wellbeing, and career progression, the team are truly proud to be part of the unicorn’s exciting journey.

SUPERPOWER: Providing faster and fairer car insurance that’s always on the customer’s side


Outdated technology once stifled the travel industry. That’s until Impala came to the rescue by revolutionising travel for good by making sure travel booking is as easy as pie. Impalans are treated to a looooong list of employee benefits, including a £750 loved one’s budget, a generous holiday allowance, and massage lottery.

SUPERPOWER: Powering a new generation of travel


Integrating business data can be a bit of a headache. That’s why Codat is here to stay. Codat makes life easier for small businesses by connecting them with all the systems that hold financial data. Employees cite that working hard, being curious, asking questions and being a team player are rewarded no matter what your position is in the company.

SUPERPOWER: Making financial software integrations as simple as a click of a button


Bloom & Wild is a company that has truly blossomed over the pandemic. Helping customers keep in touch with their loved ones through fresh letterbox bouquets, this company is on a mission to revolutionise the experience of buying and receiving flowers. Employees are offered a safe place to be themselves, flourish in their role, and go wild with ‘Thirsty Thursdays’.

SUPERPOWER: Brightening up people’s days with letterbox friendly flowers



Juro rebuilt contracts from the ground-up to make the process fit for the modern world. Not only that, they also make sure their internal processes and benefits are fit for everyone by designing them with diversity and inclusion in mind. Juro even shares in-depth information about their hiring process and how candidates can ace their interviews. Juro truly sets you up for success.

SUPERPOWER: Making it easy for everyone to sign contracts through automation wizardry



This list was published in November 2021. The Tempo team has conducted extensive research into hundreds of amazing startups, and picking just 50 was a challenge on its own. The companies on the list are selected based on their company mission, employee reviews, careers pages, upfront information for potential new hires and general buzz. To be considered for the list, companies must be launched in 2014 or after, have less than 300 employees and be founded in London.