SIDE HUSTLES. THE GIG ECONOMY. JOB HOPPING. Young candidates today don’t settle for just one skill in their career. Hiring managers need to interpret ‘skills’ in a whole new way. Based on a candidate’s side hustle, how do you know if they are an effective communicator? If they are great at time management? If they know how to multitask? Download our guide to find out.

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  • A checklist for spotting a detail-oriented candidate
  • How to look and listen to identify a candidate’s communication skills
  • The multitasking personas to avoid!
  • How to assess time management skills
  • Tips from experts on how to hire creative people
  • How to use a decision matrix for problem solving
  • Buzzwords to identify a candidate with entrepreneurial spirit
  • A differentiation between what analytical skills are
  • Three types of negotiators you want in your team