Apr 26th 2019

Spotlight on… Dajana

Meet Dajana: Sister, shopaholic, socialite

I was originally born in Croatia but I moved over to England when I was very little. I went on to study events management and business at City Roads University and have now been working with the tech and finance industry for over five years.

Before I found Tempo I was in a job that just wasn’t quite the right fit for me and so was on the lookout for work elsewhere. I decided to try out temp work and began searching for some on the internet. Tempo came up straight away and I was immediately drawn to its cool branding and how simple it was to use. I even landed myself a new role at a great company within days. Life saver!

I currently work as a temporary office manager at a private bank called Oaknorth and I am loving every second of it. There is so much room for growth at this company and they want to help you excel alongside them. The environment is fast paced, meaning that no one day is the same which keeps things exciting. Plus, everyone is really helpful and friendly.

The whole process of finding a new job with Tempo was so easy and straightforward. With literally a few simple steps you find yourself applying and matching with a bunch of great roles instantly. I literally received a call from Tempo within a few hours of signing up and had a job the next day. They gave me full visibility into the role, which was important for me seeing as my previous job turned out to be not quite what I expected.

The big difference for me with Tempo is that they seem to genuinely want to help you find the perfect role and not just to bombard you like recruitment agencies. They stick to their word and are always there when you need.

Tempo is a big advocate for flexible work and their platform is designed to help give you that control. I personally think flexible working is brilliant whether you’re a part-time mum, still studying or even have a venture on the side. It gives you the freedom and the money for the other things in life that you love. For me, I see it as being the future way of work.

Fun fact: I am terrified of heights but still managed to do a bungee jump.