Before we send you on your way to start your exciting journey at a new company, there are a few things you need to do.



We need to see the below physical documents as well as clear copies:

  • UK passport or non-UK passport with Visa
  • A P45 (if you have one)
  • Proof of National Insurance (this is required for non-EU passports)



We send across two e-contracts for you to sign and date: 

  1. Tempo contract (trading as Tempfair Ltd) which outlines your rights as a temporary worker through us
  2. HMRC form where you will input your bank details and other important information



We then manually send out Assignment Details, which you don’t need to sign, outlining:

  • Your employer’s details
  • Your pay rate
  • Your working hours 
  • How to complete timesheets


NB. You don’t have a notice period when you’ve been hired for a temporary assignment. You can however agree one with the employer which will be detailed in your Assignment Details.




Along with your contract, you will receive an HMRC form so you can be added to our payroll system and get paid! Here, you will be asked to fill in:

  • Your bank details
  • National Insurance number  

We are here to help

If you experience any problems throughout your placement, drop us a message at and we will be happy to help in any way possible.


How to submit a timesheet:

  • Head into your ‘Jobs’ tab where you will now find a ‘Timesheets tab. 
  • Select the correct week and click ‘Edit’ to go into your timesheet. 
  • Enter the correct start time and end time in 24-hour format, including any breaks you took on each day. You will need to put exactly how many minutes this break was, i.e. “60” minutes rather than “1” hour.
  • Enter your timesheet approver’s name and email address and hit ‘Submit for approval’. The name of your approver will be provided in your assignment details emailed to you by a member of our Customer Success team before you start your placement. Drop us an email if you are still unsure. 
  • Submit your timesheet by 6pm the following Monday in order for it to be processed in time for you to get paid.


NB. It is essential that you enter the approver’s email address correctly, otherwise they will not receive the email to confirm your hours which could jeopardise you getting paid on time.


If you are on holiday or sick:

Be sure to still submit a timesheet as normal with 0 hours if you are ill or have time booked off. 



How you will get paid:

  • You will be paid weekly in arrears on Friday by Tempo through a Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) system. Just remember to submit your timesheet by the end of Monday).
  • Once you are fully registered with Tempo, you will be invited via email to Paycircle, a payroll platform for accessing your pay, to set up an account. This is where you can access your payslip information. Learn more about Paycircle here.


If you have any questions or issues with your pay, you can contact our finance department at



Holiday pay 

Unlike traditional agencies, you will get holiday pay as you work alongside your weekly wages. As a statutory minimum set by the government, you will get 12.07% in holiday pay of the total amount of hours you work.

Sick leave 

Unable to attend work? Contact the employer as soon as you can with your sick leave request. If you do not get a response then get in touch with your contact person at Tempo. 

Sick pay 

In line with Agency Workers Regulation, you receive statutory sick pay from the fourth day of sick leave. Be sure to provide a sick note to Tempo. You can read more about Statutory Sick Pay here.



How the pension scheme works: 

  • You are automatically opted into a pension scheme with NEST after 3 months where you will automatically contribute 5% of your earnings into your pension pot and your employer will contribute 3%.
  • To opt out, NEST will send you an email explaining the process. Any questions about this, please contact them directly via email or their livechat. You can read more about NEST here.


How it works: 

  • You have the option to sign up to our completely free Collective Benefits package in a temp placement. The package entitles you to free access to perks including mental health support, digital GP, and discounts and perks at retailers across the country. Look out for the email from Collective Benefits letting you know when you are eligible to sign up.


A member of the Customer Success team will reach out to you and your employer as a reminder a week or two before your placement ends.

The three options at the end of your placement:

  • Contract extended: Your employer will do this via the reminder email they received from us.
  • Contract not extended: We recommend updating your availability in your Tempo profile a week before the placement ends. This way you can start looking for your next work adventure and we can start matching you to relevant roles.
  • Temp to perm: Congratulations, this means the company wants to make you permanent! Your employer will contact our Customer Success team to update us on the change of your contract and you’ll receive a permanent offer through the platform.


Want a P45?

Email for the request noting the last day that you worked. Your P45 will be available to you through your Paycircle account the following Friday. If you request your P45 before the end date of your contract, you will receive this the Friday after your last payment.