You have now applied for roles that you are interested in and the employers have been alerted to then either take you to the next stage or not. In your ‘Jobs’ tab, you will notice three other tabs, ‘Messages’, ‘Interviews’, and ‘Offers’. See below what you can do in each of these tabs.


Keep an eye on this tab to see what stage in the hiring process you are at and to make sure you don’t miss any important messages from employers.

What you will see here:

  • Direct messages from employers.
  • Notifications about new matches, interview requests, interviews being rescheduled or cancelled, job offers or rejections.


TOP TIP: Be sure to keep your availability updated so that you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities. Plus you will need to log in at least every two weeks to keep being matched to new jobs.


When an employer requests an interview it will appear in your ‘Interviews’ tab, and you will be notified in your ‘Messages’ tab. You will also receive an email to make sure you don’t miss the request.


The six types of interviews on Tempo are:

1. Phone interview: This is usually a screening round to get an initial feel for whether you would be right for the role, and whether the role would be a good fit for you.



2. Video Q&A: This is where you will be asked three questions by a company, with a set amount of time for each answer and a completion deadline. Check out a step-by-step guide on how to do a video Q&A on Tempo here.



3. Face-to-face: Here you will be invited to meet the employer and it is your chance to make a personal connection and show what you can bring to the table in person.

4. Video interview: This is an alternative to the face-to-face interview where you join a video call and meet the employer virtually. It cuts out the faff of the commute whilst still allowing your personality to shine through.



5. Task interview: The employer will set a task for you to complete. For example, a piece of work or a presentation. They want to see your understanding of the task and assess your problem-solving abilities.



6. Assessment day: This is where you will meet the team. You will be set a combination of tasks and activities to put your abilities to the test. It’s also a chance for you to show how you interact with others in a group setting.

The three interview actions you can take:

  • Accept: You’ve received an interview request for a role you are interested in. Simply hit ‘Accept’ and get prepping. You’ve got this!
  • Reschedule: Can’t make the suggested time for an interview? No problem, just send the employer a message to reschedule.
  • Decline: If the role just doesn’t feel right for you or you have another offer, all you need to do is click ‘Decline’ and provide a reason why. No hard feelings.

If you are feeling a bit unsure about how to prepare for the interview and what to expect, then check out the interview section in our ultimate guide to getting a job. 


Hooray! You have now reached the finish line and been offered a role through Tempo.

Two things now happen:

  1. You will be notified in the ‘Messages’ tab where you can review the offer.
  2. You then decide whether to  ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the job offer in the ‘Offers’ tab.

NB. If you wish to suggest a counter offer then you can message the company directly in the ‘Messages’ tab.