1. Our smart technology matches you to relevant roles based on the information that you provide. Once you complete your profile with this information, you will be visible to companies and they can request an interview from you before you have applied yourself. See here to dig deeper into how our algorithm works.
  2. Companies can use keywords to search for certain skills. If you have the relevant skills your profile will then pop up for companies to view.


Now you’ve completed your profile, it’s time to start applying for some of the awesome companies we have on our platform. 

Let’s first show you how to find all the jobs and companies we have matched you with. You will notice there are three tabs at the top of your profile called Jobs’, ‘Companies’ and ‘Preferences.


In this tab you can update information on: 

  • When you can start
  • What roles you are looking for
  • Whether you are interested in temporary or permanent roles
  • What your salary expectations are
  • Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time roles
  • What location you are looking in
  • Where you are located
  • What kind of company you want to work for
  • What sector you want to work in

NB: If you don’t want to change your preferences permanently but instead would like to amend the jobs you are seeing right now, you can do this by editing the options on the ‘Filter by‘ bar. If you’d like to see all of the roles on Tempo, simply hit ‘Show all jobs’ on the right-hand side.


In the ‘New jobs’ tab you will find all the relevant roles that you have been matched with.

You will be able to see:

  • The company
  • The role title
  • The salary range
  • The location
  • The start date
  • The duration

You now have three options with the available roles:

  1. Click ‘View brief‘ on the right hand side for more details on the role or ‘View company‘ to learn more about the company itself.
  2. Click ‘Apply’ on the right hand side for roles that you want to apply for. They will then move into the ‘Applied’ tab and your profile will be sent directly to the employers inbox. They can then decide whether to take you to the next stage in the hiring process by requesting an interview or video Q&A (we will come on to this in the next section).
  3. Click ‘Not interested’ on roles that you don’t want to apply for. They will then be removed from your ‘New jobs’ tab and moved into the ‘Not interested’ tab so that you can more easily find your perfect role.



When you click ‘Apply’ on a role you will be given the option to ‘Leave a note‘ which goes directly to the company. You can give a tailored reason to each hiring manager on why you are interested in the company and role, and why you would be a good fit. This boosts your chances of securing an interview as it will show your passion for the role and give you a competitive edge, increasing your chances of getting an interview. This alongside your profile cuts out the faff of having to do multiple cover letters.                 


In the ‘Companies’ tab you will find all the companies that are hiring.

To help you with your search you can:

  • Show all companies
  • Filter by: particular companies, those you are following, those that are hiring and sector
  • Sort by: live jobs and newest jobs


Want to find out more? On the right hand side, click ‘View company’ for more details or ‘Follow’ just below to stay in the loop. This basically means whenever a company posts a new role you will be notified.