Discover the latest trends, challenges and strategies that will leave you with actionable insights to help your retention strategy.

In the next year, over a third of UK employees are considering changing roles and 43% globally. It’s clear the Great Resignation is far from over. And with exiting employees costing an average of one third of an employee’s yearly salary, losing quality talent can be a huge detriment to any business.  

However, companies are not alone. Research suggests that over half of all companies worldwide are facing challenges retaining their most valued employees. So what can businesses do to reduce turnover? How can HR leaders manage the new expectations of employees and simultaneously embody the culture of their organisation? 

Join Tempo’s Chief People Officer, Laura Skinner and Marc Douch, Talent Acquisition Manager at HiBob, who are both pioneers of people and culture paving the way for the new world of work as they provide you with tactics to strengthen your employee retention strategy. You’ll learn: 

  • What’s driving employee expectations and how to manage them
  • How to create an effective retention strategy and tactics to improve it    
  • Common employee retention challenges faced and how to overcome them 
  • Top tips to help retain quality talent for business longevity  

This webinar is a part of Tempo’s Super Startups Series. Where you’ll explore everything there is to know about the superpower that is retaining talent. Later this year we will be unveiling the top 50 UK startups to work for and discover their unique superpowers.